Hi there,

I'm currently looking into using a JQuery plugin to create a vertical slider for background images. My idea is that I have JQuery controlling an automatic vertical slider which fills the screen but also gives the user the control to scroll through at leisure.

I've managed to track down a relatively small plugin to do the job but I am having problems modifying it so that the controls appear exactly where I want them to (i.e so that the scrolling ability can happen using the up and down arrows). However, when I adjust the positioning using CSS it simply breaks the JQuery code (mainly because the HTML is generated by the JQuery, or that's what I assume?).

Below is a link to the download page for the code and a further link to demonstrate what the horizontal version does. To change it to vertical it's a simple case of changing the "alignment:" from hori



I am fairly sure this should be something simple to do but as my JQuery knowledge is very limited I can't quite figure out what I need to do.

Any help would be much appreciated!