Hi, my site needs to carry out daily checks on user's accounts and then carry out an action depending on the result. It needs to check the following things on a daily basis:

- check if a new member has updated their profile within 7 days (IF $create_timestamp is > than 7 days and $profile_update = no WHERE user = $user, then email the $user)

- check if a member has added their daily post (IF $today_post = no WHERE user = $user, then email the $user)

- etc...

There are about 5 checks that need to be carried out each day, however, because all of my members are from different timezones, i want to carry out these checks every hour as i only want to query the users who's day has just started (00:01)

Is running a CRON file with these 5 queries (checks) the best way to make these checks or is there a more solid or better way of doing this, thanks in advance...