I have a newsletter that is made every quarter. It's designed for print and needs to be transfered online.

  • should be mobile and ipad friendly and work across browsers (including Firefox, chrome, ie7 and up
  • Needs to be HTML5 (We are phasing out flash)
  • Must be able to open large in book view (book-like turning, we need the book experience)
  • Don't really want outside branding (we would be willing to buy code )
  • Needs to be fullscreen. (our users are old)
  • Articles can only be read in in spread, because it was designed for print.

Does Adobe have anything?
Will Flexpaper work?

The closest solution was Scribd, but doesn't work well in IE.
Here are other solutions that didn't work:

  1. 1. Issuu URL:
  2. 2. NxtBook URL:
  3. 3. Zinio URL:
  4. 4. Scribd URL:

Thanks for looking. Any feedback is appreciated.