Hi Sitepoint!

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but one of the options could(or rather will be one of them)be XML feeds etc. What has been requested of me is to come up with a good way to offer web based product listings to our dealers that sell our products for use in their website. This would include low level users that build their own simple sites, up to dealers that have their own consulting group to work on them.

Now I have dealt with the other end of this in the past with affiliate marketing sites which included three options that I can remember; iframes, javascript links, and XML feeds on a nightly basis. I was thinking of going along those same lines but thought that I would shoot this out to you guys to get some feedback on what the community thinks.

Currently we use strictly iframes for this type of thing now, but it was designed by my predecessor and uses our live product page and passes query string params to alter layout, options, etc. It seems a little messy to me and there has to be a better way or at least altered and expanded.

What do you guys think?