Need advice on displaying info please!

Hi all,

Im not sure if this is even the right place to ask these questions, please tell me if its not and I will move.

Some one has talked me into designing a website for them. The part I am having trouble with is as follows :

He needs to be able to update information himself. But only for a specific part of the site. He wants to create (as a aside to the busines) a community to buy/sell used surfboards (I guess like Craig’s list) but it needs to be contained within his web site (ie not linked to blog) viewers need to think that that they are still on his website (Its part of a business strategy).
Initial I had planned on creating a blog that he could update himself, and then place this on a HTML page with a Iframe. It looks but ugly and I dont like it. . . . . . . so any help would be greatly appreciated!

I gather Im going to have to learn a new skill set here? Im just looking for some adice on which way to go. Im ok with HTML and CSS and breaking into JQuery but thats about it.

There are various ways to go about this. It is an online store although I’m not sure if he will publish the products himself or it will be the community. I would install a second CMS (the most appropriate in relation to his needs) and create a link in his home page or whatever… when they click ,they can go to a subdomain (something like

There’s another recent thread here that seems to address much the same issue. You might find that helpful.