I can only write HTML4/5 and CSS2/3 and that at an intermediate level... no JS or PHP/MYSQL.

A client wants a slideshow on his site. If possible he would like one that can scroll through a horizontal line of thumbs, and when any thumb is clicked upon it zooms to the whole size of the browser window.

OK, every wish isn't alway available but as a tattooist it is important to him that people can get a real close look at his work (Tattoos).

I write with Tach HTML Edit... it has a few components that you can insert into a page including slideshows but currently they only zoom to about 6-70% of the viewport, others in the beta version additionally break my layout, though as it is a beta I'm sure they are working on it.

I have three questions...

1). The most pressing is... are there any free or comercial slideshows out there that I can insert into a web page? And additionally wont require me to understand JS or AJAX or something?

2). What do you professional coders do... do you write your own or are you using a program such as DreamWeaver to insert such content.

3). Lastly I'm after a bit of advice... I'm no spring chicken at 48 so I don't have years to spend learning something that'll probably all change as soon as I've learned it anyway.
I write raw code and have been thinking of learning JavaScript as it appears to be an all round tool for web-design.
However, people keep telling me that I shouldn't be writing raw code but should be using either 'Word Press' or something like DreamWeaver as people just want something fast that does the job. Additionally, there is a widget for just about anything... including slideshows.

I'm thinking that if I learn JS and also get my hands on Dreamweaver that I might get the best of both worlds. Will there really be a place for RAW coders in the next 5-10 year?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.