Jquery stuff for javascript novice

Hi Guys, looking for an off the shelf slideshow tool and have downloaded visualLightBox 4.3.2 free version your opinion’s would be apreciated. I have the cs3 suite already installed, would I be better of using that to create a slideshow. Understand what javascript is all about but would i be able to make do with the downloadable code that is available and not have to get into javascript coding in depth. (basically what I am saying is can I use the lazy person route and not spend too much time learning every detail that is javascript)

Is there nobody out there who feels they can pass comment on this thread or is it too daft a thought

Sure, I validate your laziness and unwillingness to learn. Its a sad state of affairs when you can’t even conjure up the time and ambition to use a JQuery plug-in. Using a JQuery plug-in has hardly anything to do with learning JavaScript. Normally, you can just copy and paste code, change some configuration and your done.

I can’t do less that completely agree with oddz. But I would like to take it a step further. What are you gonna do when even that very simple query is giving up on you? Ask around here if someone can fix it?

Anyway if that’s how you want it! It all depends what you would like. A left to right slider, a cross fade etc. Here are a few links:

It is of course up to you but I would like to strongly advise you to take some efforts to go through the instructions. That way It will be way easier to adapt such a slider too your own needs.

Calm down chaps, can no one make a whimsical observation without the dripping sarcasim contained within the replies.
I am not what you call a spring chicken age wise, paid loads of money to learn about web developing which by the way I passed (3 years ago) when the 4 years were up. I think the whole web community and particularly the Sitepoint forums are brilliant (the knowledge you guys have is amazing, characters involved, I feel you are all friends) but get off your high horses.
I have been working through the following javascript books Head First Javascript, Beginning Javascript (wrox books), javascript in easy steps(mike mcgrath) and because I want to work on a project invloving PHP and database I was coming to the conclusion perhaps I should leave the javascript to jquery plug in’s (that’s all that seems to be discussed nowaday’s) and start working full time on the PHP MySQL.
You are quite correct with your observations but some times it seems you only get a proper response if you provoke some discussion

I found this one quite good and easy to customise…