I recently hired a freelancer to validate all the code for my Wordpress e-commerce website (http://www.projectdisobey.com/disobeyclothing)

He told me that he had finished validating everything, but when I tested each page out using the validation service at http://validator.w3.org/, I came across a whole load of validation errors (http://www.projectdisobey.com/disobe...tionErrors.jpg). I notified the freelancer of this and his reply was:

"The errors left are because of javascript in the source code. The website http://validator.w3.org checks the source code of the page and gives errors on javascript because the checker is not for Javascript. It checks it as a html/css and gives errors."

Since I am no expert in this field, can anybody tell me from glancing over the list of validation errors (http://www.projectdisobey.com/disobe...tionErrors.jpg) whether he is speaking the truth or not? If any of the errors have nothing to do with Javascript and are easy to resolve, would anybody mind advising me how to do so? I'd be extremely appreciative.

Thanks guys...