Hi all,

I have been studying Javascript for a couple of months now, but have kind of come to a dead end in terms of in what instances will I need to apply JS to websites and can anyone recommend any Q and A style tutorials, to test myself,

My current knowledge (which is very basic) so far contains being able to:

  • Write a prompt
  • Write a confirm
  • write a basic for loop
  • write a basic while loop
  • write an array
  • write a function containing parameters/arguements and building them into a sentence to display in an alert
  • write a for loop which loops through an array and displays each array value combined in a sentence in an alert
  • write a nested if/else statement
  • write a switch statment and the equivalent if/else if version
  • use array values and build them into a sentence built inside a function, then call that function
  • build an Object with properties and a method, and concatenate there values again to display a sentence via an alert
  • built an Object constructor but again only producing a sentence to display via an alert

Any guidance on scenarios to use to demo JS or a good tutorial website for real world scenarios, would be most appreciative.