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    August Photo Challenge - "Dog Days"

    Websites often use photography to relay their message to visitors. In some cases, photos combined with some short text make a comprehensive story.

    In the US, August is typically the hottest month and often called "Dog Days," maybe due to all the dogs panting in the heat of the day. In celebration of Dog Days, our August Photo Challenge is a tribute to man's best friend, our dogs.

    This is a two part challenge:

    1. For photographers: You have from now until August 24 to upload or link to your photo of an activity your dog enjoys and write a short description of your photo. Tell us about the dog and what he is doing in the photo.
      Note: Just like people, dogs have some personal needs. SitePoint is a family-oriented forum and we won't be publishing any pictures such as those if they are the main focus of the photo. We also won't publish any explicit dog photos, so don't waste your time uploading them.
    2. For all SitePoint members: Every picture needs a good caption. After viewing the pictures that have been posted in this thread, you are all invited to head over to the August Photo Caption Challenge thread and post your own captions for our Dog Day's photos. Do not repost the photo there, though. Instead, link your caption to the photo by post number (which you can get by clicking each post's permalink).
      The last week of August, we'll add a poll to thread and you can vote for your favorite.

    To start things off:

    In Winona, every Sunday a group of dog lovers take our dogs to the "Dog Park". Some Sundays, there are 30 to 40 dogs running around the park together. My dog, Bailey, is the Airedale Terrier in this photo. Can you pick him out of the crowd?
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