I am building a web application using PHP. It lists each salesperson and below it, the clients assigned to them. There are only about 5 or 6 salespeople. There could be any number of clients for a salesperson.

Each salesperson is given their own div and client information (name, email, phone) is grouped with an unordered list:

<div id="salesperson-1">
<h1>Salesperson 1</h1> <ul>
<li>Steve Smith</li> <li>steve@company-a.com</li> <li>555-5555</li> <li><a href="#">Delete Client</a></li>
<a href="#">Delete Salesperson</a> </div>

I would like to be able to delete (actually hide) either a salesperson or client depending on which link the user clicked.

I have been using JQuery throughout my site so far and I can accomplish the task for the salespeople by creating individual events for 6 salespeople. If there are only 5 people, the 6th event will never be triggered. If there are 6, everyone is covered.

The tricky part are the clients since I can't guarantee a specific number of them.

I would like to fit best practices as much as possible and reduce the complexity of my code if I can. Keeping that in mind...
  • Is there a better way to handle the salespeople rather than rewriting the function 6 times?
  • Can I pass a variable to a JQuery function using the onClick binder on the <a> tag --> <a href="#" onClick=deleteClient(10)> and use the variable to determine which client to delete?
  • Would using a function in plain javascript and ignoring JQuery for this entirely be better?