Hi, I am trying to create a website using very simple css (its the best i can do) for all the layout but i have hit serious problems that are beyond me to fix.

1) the whole page seems to jump every time a link is clicked -probably as i have used the image for the page background as full size 980 x 780 and it loads on every page and it appears to jump. It may be something else, i really don't have a clue. Is there a way to have the background image in an iframe or something so its permanent?

2) a problem with positioning fixed on support,design,sourcing pages image strip for ie5 ie6 and possibly 7. I tried to do a hack for this from examples but i obviously didnt have a clue so it didnt work, just made things worse.

3) when you click menu services and the menu expands the page jumps and everything moves up a few pixels

The site can be viewed here Lipau Global Solutions In Design

I am viewing in ie9 when i am working on this by the way and the page did not appear to jump in ie8 when i looked at it earlier today. perhaps it is a problem i only have in ie9. Can anyone tell me?