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    Login to edit MySQL table with over 2,000 entries!!!


    I am designing a web site created using a MySQL Database with over 2,000 entries.

    If the quantity in stock (stock control) needs changing for 100 products a week, I am not sure the best method. I am considering creating a login at the web site but am unsure what to ask the user to do...

    ...enter a product code to change the quantity? from a selection of drop down boxes (perhaps 200 products in each list; could be annoying to choose correct one)?
    ...or, can the database be viewed? Besides the issue with scrolling up and down and left to right to find the right entry could the quantity be changed in a cell in the table and then saved?
    ...I have heard Excel can be used; is this as simple as uploading and downloading an Excel file?

    Does anyone know what the common practice is?


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    I think some more questions need to be asked. Such as how does the user/customer normally reference the products? Do they normally use the product code. If so then that is what I would key off of since that is what they are familiar with. There are many ways to update the data in the database. They could use PHP Admin or you could write a simple front-end in PHP or some other language that would allow the user to input the product code and update the quantity. It's a matter of how easy you want it to be vs. how much time do you spend developing something.

    You could create a simple page that allows user to input the product code and then you show them the details of that record and allow for input of the new qty. and then just allow them to update it. Anyone with much PHP experience should be able to do this. Of course if you are working with some other platform (i.e. .net or java) you could do it there as well.

    I have not looked lately but there are probably some scripts out there already that might do what you need with just some configuring rather than writing something from scratch. If you have any questions let me know and I can try to help you narrow in on the right direction.
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