I built a dealer locator for a site, works fine. But now they want to use the same locator across different sites (brands) and just have a single db for dealers. Fine, sounds great…*but now I have to turn the locator into a service rather than a 'part' of the site.

HERE is my issue. My dev machine (OS X) is using the OS install of Apache and each site has it's own folder and is accessed via a different port number so I only have one install of CF. My problem is that cfcexplorer can't be found on any of the sites other than directory that is displayed via port 80 (localhost) instead of localhost:9007 for instance.

So I'm getting a "Web service operation list with parameters {zip={62249}} cannot be found." which I'm finding is VERY common, but when I try to view the cfc directly…*CF is spitting out a "File not found: /CFIDE/componentutils/cfcexplorer.cfc" error.

Is there something I can do in CF to get it to see the cfcexplorer or is this something even more obscure and difficult to deal with?

Thanks for any help.