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    Question Image instead of Flash if Flash is not enabled

    I have one flash on my site but many users dont have flash installed on the store so i have decided to show image instead of flash in such situation.

    If user dont have flash installed then show normal image else show the flash but how to check if user dont have flash enabled?

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    It's very easy!

    Inside the <object>...</object> you probably have a load of parameter tags - you may also have some text along the lines of "Download Macromedia Flash".

    What this does is means that if the browser can't render the Flash object, it will instead render any text or elements that are inside the <object> that it understands.

    So you need to have something along the lines of:
    <object data=..........>
    <param name=..........>
    <param name=..........>
    <img src="alternative.png" alt=.........>
    That way, any browser that can show the Flash will do, and any that can't will show the image, and any that can't show the image will show the alt text.


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