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    Web Design Methods: How Do You Start?

    So we all pretty much know about the typical stages / phases of a Website Design project but obviously there's much more to these stages. When you're starting out with a new Website project how do you start it off?

    - Do you have a checklist that you go through? (Maybe you call it a to-do list)
    - Is there a specific routine that you go through? Some sort of methodology?
    - Perhaps you just do whatever you think you need to do when you come along that bridge?

    I personally go through the first two myself. I've got a copy of Deliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential Checklists which is a great read but the actual checklist documents that come with the book is the best part of it. I've used the checklists before on new Web projects along with other documents to really go into detail with the planning stage.

    I also have a little routine in addition to these checklists that I use as both a checklist and a to-do list. I have a few A4 black portfolio wallets that I use to store the documents, print-outs, idea sheets and so on for every new project. These are important for new projects. Once the project is completed all of the printed documents go into a foolscap plastic wallet along with the disc with the project work on.

    This thread is specifically for starting a new Web project because I've got an idea for doing a little series of these topics, so watch out!

    Andrew Cooper
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