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    Pulling Data From External Sites (SQL?)

    First off I have no idea which are to post this in so I apologise if its the wrong area of the forum

    My question relates to data from external websites etc

    How do I go about pulling data from an external website so I can show it myself. Preferably via SQL?

    I say preferably via SQL so I can use search terms etc (IN ('123', '1234') etc....

    I don't know where to start in terms of tutorials etc.... I dont know what to google or anything

    Discalimer: This is all above board, the dat I want to pull is public data and is encouraged to be shared.

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    It sounds like what you are looking for is Web Scraping.

    SQL is not really an option for this. Someone would have to give you access to their database in order to use SQL.

    However you do this, you will have to parse markup based on a response. Nokogiri is the standard for Ruby, but something like cURL would allow you to fetch the source of a URL and then you can parse it however you like.

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    Does the website have an public api available that you could use? If not try contacting the owner of the website concerned.
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