I may want to start my own company making websites for individuals and businesses in the near future. I'm trying to familiarize myself with the steps to take when dealing with a client who wants a website, particularly the beginning conversation and series of questions. For example: let's say I own a company and a client calls up and says "Hi I need a website made for my business." What's next?

So far I've got asking questions about their:

-What they want the purpose of their website to be
-Target audience
-If they need a store implemented in their site
-If they have a logo
-If they have any pictures / graphics to add
-If they will provide the writing

Are these all good questions? Please tell me what other questions I'm missing.

My next question is after I've gotten the main information I need, what is the next step? Should I make multiple designs/themes and have them pick their favorite or should I just stick with one?