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    Extracting datas from a Javascript generated page!

    Hi everybody,

    I'm developing a little homemade application to organize my next holiday, I'm still in the desinging phase and I didn't choose the language yet. However I know that i need to download data from a page generated by Javascript code.

    In details, I need to store in a database the prices you see in this page ( Obviously the prices are dinamically generated by Javascript code, but since I know nothing about this language, I'm here to ask the experts how could i extract those data from the site, knowing that i could need to surf the calendar (e.g. change the month).

    I know this is a strange question - because it doesn't necessarily concern developing Javascript - but who could solve this problem better than Javascript experts? ^^

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyerDragon View Post
    I'm here to ask the experts how could i extract those data from the site
    That information can be found out, but it's illegal to make use of that information.

    For example: "Without the prior written consent of MOBY SpA may not copy, modify, distribute or use or reproduce in any form, in part or in full, the contents of the website or its MOBY software code."
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    Reference: JavaScript, Quirksmode Validate: HTML Validation, JSLint
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