And bam, episode 13! This week I had the honor of catching up with logo and identity designer David Airey to discuss his career and thoughts on freelancing, pro bono work, and identity design . Download this Episode You can download this episode as a standalone MP3 file: Design Festival Podcast #13: David Airey on Freelancing  (MP3, 43:59, 42.2 MB) You can subscribe to the Design Festival Podcast  either directly  or via iTunes —  add the Design Festival Podcast to iTunes . Episode Summary Presenters Simon Pascal Klein  ( @klepas ) Guest:   David Airey  ( @davidairey ) Content Rundown Intro: David and his career Career paths, freelancing, and finding your niche through specialization Finding, approaching, and securing new clients Performing pro bono publico work and its benefits Becoming an author, self-publishing and going through publishers Pre-fetching data to improve responsiveness — inspiration from the Flash days? Doing it all again — things we’d do differently Opening your own studio?

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DesignFestival: Design Festival Podcast #13: David Airey on Freelancing

Pascal is a standardista graphic, web and front-end designer, and a rampant typophile. Born in Mainz, Germany—the birthplace of Gutenberg—he now works in Canberra as a contract designer and studies at the Australian National University. He's been actively engaged in the Open Source community and local web industry, notably as one of the unorganisers to first bring BarCamp to Canberra. He enjoys drinking in as much good type as he can get and has been happily bending beziers since 2004.

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