1. Who Be Me Sql Server User in This Configuration?

    One of the poorly documented, yet quite important, facts of life in dealing with .NET applications is that one is often using Windows Authentication to communicate with Sql Server databases. Unfortunately, exactly which identity one is using by default is poorly documented at best. So I made you this handy table for reference: Windows Version […]

  2. Be the First Kid on the Block Running IE7 Final

    It has been rumored that IE7 was to be released today. Well, I have not seen anything official from Microsoft yet, but it appears to have hit some partner channels. Yahoo! has released their branded edtion of IE7, apparently optimized for the Yahoo! experience. But who wants the Yahoo! experience. Fortunately, it is trival to […]

  3. September Links from DotNetLand

    While I have been silent for a bit*, the DotNet blogo/podo/webosphere has been anything but in the last month or so. Some gems in no particular order: Scott Mitchell (of fame) has written, and continue to write a very throurough tutorial on creating a 3-tier ASP.NET application. While I am not the biggest fan […]

  4. Catching Session Timeouts before they Bite

    Using sessions to store user information is a very handy feature of ASP.NET. But it is not without its dark side. One of the principal difficulties is the fact that sessions can die unexpectedly. This can happen for a number of reasons. It could just time out. The server could decide it needs to recycle the application. A user could clear his session cookies. There could be a sunspot. And here is how to catch these events before you corrupt your database.