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  1. Implementing Your Own IaaS Solution

    Your IaaS : Choosing the Provider I recently found a need for a personal server lab – one independent of my regular employer. I initially wanted my own server where I could setup my virtualization choice(s), setup and destroy environments, and just all-around play with. After looking at the costs, however, I determined that was […]

  2. IaaS in depth

    In my first article, I stated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a service provided by another entity that provides the hardware and hardware support while you maintain the virtual data-center on top of it. In this article we will look at what that means in detail. Common Features Infrastructure as a Service is first […]

  3. Virtualization and “As a Service” Platforms Defined

    A couple of months ago, a question was posed on LinkedIn: “What is your definition of Cloud?” followed immediately by “What is your definition of Virtualization?” It prompted me to respond with a carefully articulated response that made me realize just how fuzzy these terms continue to be. The United States National Institute of Standardization […]