Nicky is a Community administrator for the SitePoint Forums. She's an advocate of accessibility and her research has been presented at international conferences. Nicky loves to travel, especially to Gibraltar, and is friends with anyone who offers her ice-cream or chocolate.


  1. Interview – Kynn Bartlett

    An accessiblity guru who argues the case *for* design? Is Kynn Bartlett for real? Here he explains how design enhances accessibility, common accessibility errors, and more…

  2. Human-Computer Interaction and Your Site

    Ever wondered what makes some Websites easier to use than others? Nicky explains Human-Computer Interaction, exploring its goals and principles. Use HCI theory to improve the user experience on your site!

  3. W3C Accessibility Guidelines

    The W3C Guidelines – what do they mean for your site? Nicky demystifies these recommendations, and explains how to bring your site into line.