Matt is the co-founder of SitePoint, 99designs and Flippa. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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  1. 1 in 5 Typo Domains Funded By Google

    McAfee’s new report on typosquatting details how 1 in 5 typo-squatted domain names is being funded by Google AdSense. For their report, McAfee studied 1.9 million typographical variations of 2,771 of the most popular and well known Web sites. Of these, nearly 7% were suspected typo-squatters, defined as domain names registered for the sole purpose […]

  2. Free PDF Giveaway Takes Down SitePoint

    The SitePoint file server crashed overnight because of a massive influx of traffic due to our FREE download offer of “Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications”. In fact, we were getting over 200 simultaneous download requests when the server crashed! We’ve now setup a copy of the eBook on Amazon’s S3, ensuring that […]

  3. SitePoint’s Ruby on Rails Book is now FREE

    I’m very happy to announce that for the next 60 days our book Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Applications is FREE* in PDF Format (a $29.95 USD value). That’s right… Not an extract… Not a sample chapter… The ENTIRE 447 pages of Patrick Lenz’s incredible book is (for the next 60 days) free to […]

  4. Yahoo! Search Marketing Plays catch-up to AdWords

    Yahoo! Search Marketing is finally catching up to AdWords and has launched new features (and highlighted old ones) to enable advertisers to exercise more control over where their ad dollars are going. Among them: Blocked Domains Now you can specify websites in our partner distribution network where you don’t want your ads to appear. Blocked […]

  5. How to Boost Your Ad Revenue 70-110%, Automatically!

    Did you know Google AdSense allows for 9 billion different layout/size/color combinations of its ad units? Do you know which one is the best for your site, or for that matter, which ad network will make you the most money at any point during the day? PubMatic, a new service that just launched in “Alpha […]

  6. Web Design Business Kit 2.0

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 3-years since the release of Brendon Sinclair’s “The Web Design Business Kit”, with it’s 14-pounds of glory and retro-orange cover design. Since then, we’ve amassed 18 pages of customer reviews, and many more emails, from all corners of the planet. Among these, were many suggestions for a 2nd edition, […]

  7. Top 3 (Free!) Domain Name Generators

    Finding an available domain name is getting harder and harder everyday, not only because of Domain Name Kiting, but also the huge business of domain name speculation. Thankfully, when it comes time to register a new domain name for your business or venture, you’re not on your own. Here are three (free!) tools that will […]

  8. How slow is your website?

    Broadband connections mean nothing for users if your site is slow because it’s poorly coded or thought out. YSlow, a new plug-in that integrates with Firebug , has just been released by Yahoo’s Expectional Performance Team to help you pinpoint and fix specific trouble spots. YSlow evaluates 13 different performance factors and provides a letter […]

  9. Godaddy DNS Outage Hits Millions of Sites, the largest domain name registrar in the world suffered a massive outage this weekend. Multiple sources (here, here, here and here) have confirmed that Godaddy’s DNS servers went down for a period of several hours on Sunday, potentially because of the daylight savings time switch. In theory, every domain name registered with Godaddy was […]

  10. The Value of Email Marketing

    On average, email marketing generates an average return of $51.45 for every dollar spent in 2006, according to the Direct Marketing Association. If that statistic alone doesn’t convince you of the value that email marketing can add to your business, nothing will! Of course, there are heaps of reasons why email marketing is so popular […]