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  1. 12 Tools to Help You Buy the Perfect Domain Name

    Buying a domain name for that next project of yours can be a tricky endeavor.

    Maybe the plot of virtual real estate you’ve had your eye on is already in-use. Or maybe it costs as much as actual real estate on the aftermarket, if it’s even for sale at all! Either way, the experience of sourcing, checking and acquiring can be daunting.

    It’s increasingly difficult to find the exact domain you want – unless, that is, you’re willing to get creative by devising brandable monikers, or incorporating unorthodox domain extensions to create “domain hacks.”

    In no particular order, here’s a new list of top Domain Name Generators and availability checkers – all of which allow you to find your domain and verify its availability in real time!


    Domains Bot

    DomainsBot offers a powerhouse of tools: while robust, it may require a bit more knowledge of domain name speculation in general.

    When you decide on a root-word, plug it into the search, and out comes a myriad of combinations with the help of synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, and TLD (top level domain) extensions; you can refine results by excluding or adding any of the above. Beyond that, you can filter additional TLDs, choosing to include new gTLD extensions in your search (which can make for some great domain hacks).

    Most helpful, you will be shown real-time availability of not just the domain suggestions returned to you, but their corresponding Twitter and Facebook handles to-boot. If something is available for you to hand-register, you can simply click “Available” and up pops a selection of over 20 domain registrars you can choose to buy your domain at. If your choice is available in the aftermarket, it will be listed with its corresponding price and marketplace where you can find it. Solid.

    Lean Domain Search

    Simply search any word, made-up or real, and it will generate potentially thousands of results – stringing together popular prefixes, suffixes and common words. Sort results alphabetically, by phrase-length, or by popularity. There’s a nifty list hidden on the main results page that shows you the 10,000 most popular search terms by domain registration count – albeit, the source blog post is over two years old.

    You can also filter results to have your search term “start” or “end” with the suggested accompaniment, or copy all results to your clipboard. Since only available results show, when you’re ready to select one to register, simply click on its corresponding green box. Three registrars will emerge as choices when buying your domain, and results will also show if a corresponding Twitter handle is available.

    One interesting thing I have noticed is that – before choosing a partner registrar – this tool will prompt you to setup a Wordpress account on your new domain. This is undoubtedly due to LeanDomainSearch being acquired by Wordpress’ parent company, Automattic about a year ago.