Jack Herrington is an engineer, author, and presenter who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He lives with his wife, daughter and two adopted dogs. When he's not writing software, books, or articles you can find him cycling, running, or in the pool training for triathlons. You can keep up with Jack's work and his writing at http://jackherrington.com.

Jack's articles

  1. BuildMobile: Building a GPS Enabled iPad Search App

    Part of the appeal of mobile services is that they are relevant to where you are right now. Most phones support GPS and a connection to the network. And when you combine those you get a convenient location based service. In this example application we are going to create a backend service in PHP that an iPad application on the front end will connect to

  2. Building a GPS Enabled iPad Search App

    In this example app Jack Herrington creates a backend service in PHP leveraging a list of local stores contained in a MySQL database, that an iPad application on the front end will connect to. Here’s your GPS Enabled iPad Search App.

  3. BuildMobile: Light Speed iOS Apps: Padsteroids 3

    Throughout this three part tutorial we have been building a space game for the iPad. In the first two instalments we created the application, added the drawing of the spaceship, added flight and firing controls and hooked them up so that the ship could move and fire it’s laser. Now it’s time to add some asteroids to make the game really interesting. In this final phase of the tutorial you will see some more advanced drawing including linear gradient fills, as well as the ability to dynamically and remove views from the display

  4. Light Speed iOS Apps: Padsteroids 3

    In the third and final phase of his light speed tour through iOS game development, Jack Herrington wraps up his Padsteroids game. Here we learn some advanced drawing skills for the asteroids, and build collision detection systems to blast those asteroids out of view using our laser. Fire when ready.

  5. BuildMobile: Light Speed iOS Apps: Padsteroids 2

    In the first phase of the Padsteroids tutorials we created the iPad application and added some simple drawing to it. In phase two we will add interactivity by adding controls for the player to manoeuvre the spaceship around the screen and fire a laser beam which will, in the completed application, be used to destroy asteroids. The iOS toolkit comes with a rich set of controls, buttons, list boxes, date controls and so on. But this is a game, and for this game we want to have something like joysticks.

  6. Light Speed iOS Apps: Padsteroids 2

    Jack Herrington continues his light speed tour of iOS game development with phase two of the Padsteroids project. As we add controls for the steering spaceships and firing lasers, you will learn about touch controls and timer driven game play. Buckle up and take off.

  7. Light Speed iOS Apps: Padsteroids 1

    Writing games for the iPad is easy and fun. In a series of three articles Jack Herrington takes us on a light speed tour of iOS game development with his sample space game Padsteroids. Strap in because we’ll be covering custom graphics, dynamically generated views and timer driven gameplay. But it will be a blast.

  8. Dive Into Interface Builder

    Jack Herrington takes a deep dive on Interface Builder, the companion to Xcode, which is used to quickly and easily develop interfaces for your iOS apps. He descends through creating the project to building the interface, programming the logic and connecting the interface to the code. Let’s dive in, and we’ll surface with an app called GrandeCalc HD.

  9. Scaling Big Time with Hadoop

    How will your web application scale? When you reach millions of users, it’s likely you’ll need to rethink parts of your application’s architecture. In this article, Jack gives us a quick tour and demo of Apache’s Hadoop project, an open source framework for scalable distributed computing.