Dan is a rehabilitated DHTML hacker turned web application developer for Vivabit, organisers of the @media conference. His current weapons of choice are Ruby on Rails and modern, unobtrusive DOM scripting. On those occasions he's not programming, he enjoys blogging on Vivabit's blog, hording vast amounts of vinyl and eating cheese slices.

Dan's articles

  1. The JavaScript Library World Cup

    Fast-track your way to AJAX supremacy with some of the better-trained libraries. Coach Dan Webb puts World Cup contenders Dojo, Mochikit, Prototype, and YUI through their paces, as they battle for a position in your next AJAX line-up. Full player profiles, as well as game highlights, are included!

  2. Painless JavaScript Using Prototype

    Is the sheer weight of your JavaScript code keeping you up nights? Sick of typing document.getElementById over and over (and over)? The Prototype library guarantees to relieve your script-induced stress. Let Dan take you on a whirlwind tour of this incredibly useful (but sparsely documented) collection of enhancements to the built-in JavaScript features of current browsers.