Alireza Rahmani Khalili (Alireza is such a cool name, isn't it?!) For a significant chunk of my waking hours, I'm a professional PHP developer with Master's degrees in Software. My friends know me as a co-founder of Perfect Soft, a web development company. I <3 tech, but I also like to do non-computer things too like read, cook, ski, watch soccer, fish, hunt, and shatter dead branches with an axe.

Alireza's articles

  1. Introduction to Gearman – Multitasking in PHP

    How many times have you developed a web application that had some functionality which would benefit from running an external program or even forking a separate process? This is not something you generally like to do from your web app because you want to make it run as fast and efficient as possible, while keeping […]

  2. Collection Classes in PHP

    A Collection class is an OOP replacement for the traditional array data structure. Much like an array, a collection contains member elements, although these tend to be objects rather than simpler types such as strings and integers. The general characteristics of a collection class are: Establishes a wrapper around a array of objects. Collections are […]

  3. Magic Methods and Predefined Constants in PHP

    PHP provides a set of special predefined constants and magic methods to your programs. Unlike the constants you would set using define(), the value of the constants depend on where they are used in your code and are used to access read-only information about your code and PHP. The magic methods are reserved method names you can use in your classes to hook into special PHP functionality. If you haven’t heard about PHP’s magic methods and constants yet, then this article is for you!