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  1. WordPress as a Framework

    WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) as far as the user base and ease of access is concerned. Many famous content rich websites use WordPress as their back-end - including SitePoint itself. Regular updates, a larger community, great support forum, rich documentation
  2. What's New in WordPress 3.9

    WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System. (Some will argue it's not a CMS. To them, I say: WordPress is a System for Managing Content -- stop being persnickety!) Reasons for its colossal success include: WordPress is free. It's easy to install, use and extend. Novice
  3. Free Framework For WordPress - Cherry Framework

    The Cherry Framework and its child themes for WordPress can be downloaded from Template Monster, a company founded in 2002. Template Monster is in the business of e-commerce providing customers with diverse products and services related to the online world. Their main concentration is web design
  4. The Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

    WordPress is an extremely versatile platform, with a diverse range of capabilities. One of the most popular (and growing) uses of WordPress is running an eCommerce website. Thanks to some very brilliant plugins it's possible to set up a online shop at a relatively low cost while still achieving
  5. 4 of the Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

    WordPress frameworks are becoming increasingly popular to build themes with. They allow for rapid development based on best practices, without the need to reinvent the wheel each time you design a new theme. What are WordPress Theme Frameworks? A WordPress theme framework allows you to build
  6. What's New in WordPress 3.7

    I like the frequency of WordPress updates. They're generally released every few months so you receive some great new features and bug fixes. But they're not so frequent that you're updating all your sites every other day. WordPress 3.7 was released on October 24, 2013. You can download the files
  7. Using Modern.IE to Improve WordPress Theme Development

    is reliably rendered on multiple devices and browsers. Also, with WordPress performance being such a hot topic, the ability to identify potential performance issues while you’re developing your theme is extremely useful. In this article, I will explain what modern.IE is, and how it can assist you
  8. How to Manage and Batch Install Your WordPress Plugins

    According to Forbes, over 60 million websites globally are powered by WordPress. Numbers like this show that WordPress is no doubt a leading contender when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS). The application of WordPress has gone past just a blogging platform; it has evolved over
  9. WordPress on Windows Azure in 2 Minutes or Less

    Push the Web Forward SitePoint has partnered with Windows Azure to give away $16,000 in cash prizes via the "Push the Web Forward and Win!" competition. There are three separate challenges to the competition: Deploy a simple WordPress site to Windows Azure and write a short entry about
  10. Build Your Own WordPress Contact Form Plugin in 5 Minutes

    addresses on the Internet. Contact forms play a very important role on a website, where they are used for collecting feedback, enquiries and other data from users. If your website is powered by WordPress, there are numerous plugins that seamlessly integrate a contact form on your website