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  1. Functional Testing in Symfony2

    In my previous article, we demonstrated how to load sample data into our Symfony development environment. The test data may not be useful as it stands on its own. When coupled with Functional Testing, however, it becomes a life saver. Functional Testing Symfony’s official site has
  2. Check Your Code's Quality with SensioLabs Insight

    The quality of your code is as important as testing your application. Recently, we have seen multiple articles which hopefully helped you on your way to providing a more stable application. Today, we are going to have a closer look at SensioLabs Insight. If you used Symfony or Silex in the past
  3. PHP Dependency Injection Container Performance Benchmarks

    object “injected”. There are several well known (and not so well known) containers available for PHP: PHP-DI, a popular DI Container Symfony\DependencyInjection, the the Dependency Injection Container provided by the Symfony framework Zend\Di the Dependency Injection Container provided by Zend
  4. Quick Tip: Install Zend Server 7 on an Ubuntu 14.04 Vagrant Box

    I recently took a look at Zend Server 7, the latest version of the powerful application monitor/manager suite. This quick tip will show you how to get it installed on a Vagrant box so you too can experiment with its features.

    Step 1: Install Prerequisites

    Make sure you have Virtualbox and Vagrant installed - the newer the better.

    Step 2: Clone and Boot

    Clone this repository. Adapted from Homestead Improved and originally Homestead, this setup will boot up a bare-bones Trusty (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit) VM. After the cloning is complete, boot it with vagrant up. The only real difference from a truly bare bones Trusty box is the fact that we’ve forwarded port 10081 which is what Zend Server uses by default.

    git clone
    cd trustead
    vagrant up

    After the booting is done, enter the VM with vagrant ssh.

  5. Data Fixtures in Symfony2

    Back when I first started to learn Symfony (1.x) with its Jobeet project, I thought the ability to load a bunch of test data into the database very useful. In this article, we will revisit this feature, which has been completely re-modeled and thus has a lot to teach us. Preparation
  6. An Introduction to Git Hooks

    will have example hooks in the .git/hooks directory: git clone cd symfony ls .git/hooks In that directory, you will see something like: applypatch-msg.sample commit-msg.sample post-update.sample pre-applypatch.sample pre-commit pre
  7. Welcoming New Authors – July, August 2014

    , and the co-founder of @netgentweets, an eZPublish CMS Specialist, eZ Publish Innovation Board member, @eZSummerCamp and @PHPSummerCamp organizer, and is currently digging into Symfony. His first article was a post about the eZ Publish CMS and the reasons to choose it over other solutions. eZ Publish
  8. PINQ - Querify Your Datasets - Faceted Search

    as the framework. For any single-entrance framework like Silex, Symfony, Laravel, its index.php (or app.php) gets called every time a route is to be analyzed and a controller’s function is to be invoked. Looking at the code in our index.php, we will see that this also means the below line of code
  9. Legacy Code is a Cancer

    to ZF2 is a year’s work!”, to which I say: nonsense. There is no web application big enough to warrant that timeframe. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say that there’s no web application big enough to ever warrant using a big framework like Symfony or Zend. No disrespect to either of those