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  1. Symfony2 Pre-registration and Invite System

    We have discussed Symfony 2 development in previous SitePoint articles and we built a clone of my own personal Symfony app (Part 1, 2 and 3). But Symfony 2 is a gigantic framework and there are plenty more topics we can cover. In this article series of two parts, we are going to talk about
  2. Symfony2 Console: Getting Started with Console Helpers

    Lately, I’ve been spending a significant amount of time working with the Symfony 2 Console Component in order to process different tasks, especially cronjobs. In this tutorial, I’ll share my experiences and we’ll give some extra love to the console helpers, which provide us with a large collection
  3. Getting Started with eZ Platform on Vagrant

    for it if DNS servers don’t resolve it) and enjoy! Diving into EZPublish and Symfony at PHPSummerCamp With the installation done, we can finally dive in and build wonderfully complex systems that even the most demanding websites can’t out-demand. It’s important to be patient
  4. User Authentication in Symfony2 with

    authentication mechanism that leverages The code we write can also be found in this small library I created (currently in dev) that you can try out. To install it in your Symfony app, just follow the instructions on GitHub. Dependecies In order to communicate
  5. Getting Started with Symfony2 Route Annotations

    When you download the Standard Symfony 2 Distribution, it includes an interesting bundle named SensioFrameworkExtraBundle which implements a lot of great stuff, especially the opportunity to use annotations directly within your controllers. The idea behind this article is not to convice
  6. Building a Custom Twig Filter the TDD Way

    Twig is a powerful, yet easy to master template engine. It is also my personal favorite as all my web development is based on either Symfony or Silex. Apart from its core syntax ({{ ... }} and {% ... %}), Twig has built-in support for various filters. A filter is like a “converter
  7. Using Traits in Doctrine Entities

    how they can be used with Doctrine ORM in a Symfony Environment. Trait Basics <?php trait ExampleTrait { public function sayHello() { echo "Hello"; } } class A { use ExampleTrait; } class B { use ExampleTrait; } $one = new A(); $one->
  8. StackPHP Explained

    code. This usually makes things much easier to understand. What is the HttpKernelInterface? The HttpKernelInterface can be defined as more than one thing. At its most basic level, it is a PHP interface found inside the Symfony HttpKernel component. But it is more than that. It is a modern
  9. Best PHP Framework for 2015 - SitePoint Survey Results

    51 Symfony2 20 Symfony2 19 Portugal 50 Laravel 12 Laravel 17 It’s an interesting trend to observe. Most English speaking countries favor Laravel, while France is loyal to Symfony - it’s own product. Interestingly, an incredibly large percentage
  10. Use Laravel Contracts to Build a Laravel 5 Twig Package

    template engine called Blade. However, I want to use Symfony Twig as my template engine. Blade already offers the possibility to register your own extensions; check the Twig Bridge for more info. Laravel 5 has a better way to achieve the same goal using Contracts, so let’s create our own
  11. Validating your data with Respect Validation

    Validation is an important aspect of every application’s interaction with data. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, the community collaborated on some useful packages like Symfony, Laravel, Zend, etc. In this article, we’re going to introduce a lesser known package called Respect
  12. WP API and OAuth - Using WordPress without WordPress

    the keys we got from the WP app: // credentials.php <?php return ; We’ll also need some packages installed: composer require --dev symfony/var-dumper composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle:~5 VarDumper is there to help us debug, and Guzzle 5 is there to help us issue
  13. How to Build Multi-step Forms in Drupal 8

    \SessionManagerInterface; use Drupal\user\PrivateTempStoreFactory; use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerInterface; abstract class MultistepFormBase extends FormBase { /** * @var \Drupal\user\PrivateTempStoreFactory */ protected $tempStoreFactory; /** * @var \Drupal
  14. Versioning: Behind the Scenes

    testing was rough, with people unsure as to what they were looking at. On the back-end, I’m told there were “database issues” that required “database changes”, or something. Firebase v Redis or something? I don’t know. Versioning 232: Bittersweet Symfony Early May, 2015 Back at the drawing
  15. Turning a Crawled Website into a Search Engine with PHP

    sp_search mkdir public cache template template/twig app composer require swader/diffbot-php-client composer require twig/twig composer require symfony/var-dumper --dev In order, this: installs BowerPHP globally, so we can use it on the entire VM. creates the project’s root folder
  16. Popular Users per Language and Region with Silex and Github

    of the Silex documentation throughout this tutorial. As you might know, Silex puts its index.php file in the web directory as per Symfony conventions. So, your webroot will actually be ~/Code/silex/web, rather than ~/Code/Laravel/public. Let’s go into the sites section of homestead.yaml and fix
  17. Mastering Composer - Tips and Tricks

    , whenever the autoload file is being generated. This is a little bit slower than generating the default autoloader, and slows down as the project grows. Another useful option might be the cache-files-maxsize - in enormous projects like eZ Publish or Symfony, the cache might get full pretty fast
  18. Record Retrieval and Pagination in Bolt CMS

    Bolt is a lightweight CMS built on Silex with Symfony components that’s fast, easy, and fun to develop with. My recent affinity for Bolt has turned it into my CMS of choice as I make a conscious effort to choose wisely and step away from bloated frameworks. Previously, I gave a very detailed
  19. JavaScript and PHP Libraries Used by WordPress

    Almost all modern software (including platforms such as WordPress) rely on third party libraries. That’s because, as developers, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If I had to develop software that uses HTTP abstraction, I might use a package like Symfony HttpKernel or similar. If my software
  20. PHP News You May Have Missed - October / November 2014

    ), you’ll be up and authing in no time. Ever wanted to make single sign-on a possibility for your apps? Now you can. Symfony Symfony has been on fire for the past few months - what with their developer experience initiative aimed at making Symfony more approachable to newcomers and the flurry
  21. Generating PHP Documentation with Sami

    config.php is the file that describes your documentation structure and how the output is rendered. Configuration The configuration file must return an instance of Sami\Sami. It accepts a Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder instance and an array of options. // config/config.php $dir