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  1. Using Selenium with PHPUnit

    to do unit testing using PHPUnit, or that you at least have a grasp of what it’s all about. Let’s get started. What Is Acceptance Testing? Acceptance testing is the process of telling user stories through tests, and I love this quote to describe it: A formal test conducted to determine
  2. Getting Started with PHPUnit

    of unit testing with PHPUnit and how easy it is to get started using it as I guide you trough the process of writing your first test. Before you can start writing your first unit test, you need to have PHPUnit installed. It can easily be installed using the PEAR installer, and the process
  3. Breaking Free from Guzzle5 with PHP-HTTP and HTTPlug

    the current stable version of the SDK: git clone cd diffbot-php-client git checkout tags/0.4.5 composer install phpunit The last command assumes PHPUnit is globally installed on the development environment. All tests should pass (except for a skipped
  4. Suggesting Carbon with Composer - Date and Time the Right Way

    this one first defaults to getDate if the estimatedDate could not be determined. Running the tests should now show everything passing: vagrant@homestead:~/Code/diffbot-php-client$ phpunit PHPUnit 5.0.8 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors. Runtime: PHP
  5. Building a Custom Twig Filter the TDD Way

    . We’ll build it in a TDD way. To get introduced to TDD, see this post and the links within it, but the approaches we take in this tutorial should be easy enough to understand even without looking into TDD beforehand. First, install PHPUnit by executing the following Composer command: composer
  6. Mastering Composer - Tips and Tricks

    /somepackage:someversion This adds everything that’s needed into the file, bypassing all manual intervention. If you need to add packages to require-dev, add the --dev option, like so: composer require phpunit/phpunit --dev The require command supports adding several
  7. Inspecting PHP Code Quality with Scrutinizer

    for quality assurance. Scrutinizer does, but it doesn’t run tests on public projects, and to power private ones, you need a paid plan. Scrutinizer, therefore, cannot run PHPUnit for you, nor can it provide build status or code coverage. We can, however, configure Travis to send coverage reports
  8. Test Driven Development: Are You Test-infected?

    often go hand in hand. TDD usually starts with a unit test framework. That is not to say that test-driven development is unit testing - it's not. Because I develop primarily with PHP, I chose SimpleTest, written by Marcus Baker. PHP offers another popular unit test framework called PHPUnit, but I opted