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  1. The PHP Channel's Survey Results and 2016 Plans

    On the last day of 2015, we published a survey asking you, the readers, for an opinion about the PHP channel. It was a pretty open survey with mostly freeform answers allowed, so you could tell us literally anything. All in all, we collected 78 responses so far (the survey will remain open
  2. PHP Channel's 3rd 2015 Trimester Update

    , and decided to chime in with his opinions by writing about defensive programming in PHP. His debut post was well received, and part two is coming soon. In fact, it’s already in our peer review queue, so if you’d like to take an early look and give us your opinion on it, our doors are wide open! Jeff
  3. Sourcehunt PHP Xmas 2015: Give the Gift of Pull Requests!

    Pimple and PHP-DI, nearer to Pimple (on the light-weight side). We’re planning a comprehensive comparison of container-interop implementations early next year but in the meanwhile, if you’re looking for a well tested and extremely well documented container to get familiar with, why not this one
  4. Turning a Crawled Website into a Search Engine with PHP

    sp_search mkdir public cache template template/twig app composer require swader/diffbot-php-client composer require twig/twig composer require symfony/var-dumper --dev In order, this: installs BowerPHP globally, so we can use it on the entire VM. creates the project’s root folder
  5. PHP Channel's 2015 2nd Trimester Update

    this trimester and they are, in order: Narayan Prusty, India Narayan is a very active blogger at Qnimate who actually wrote for SitePoint extensively before - on the WordPress channel. It was only recently that he decided to dive into PHP related topics as well, debuting with a piece on sending
  6. Re-introducing Vagrant: The Right Way to Start with PHP

    I often get asked to recommend beginner resources for people new to PHP. And, it’s true, we don’t have many truly newbie friendly ones. I’d like to change that by first talking about the basics of environment configuration. In this post, you’ll learn about the very first thing you should do before
  7. AJAX and PHP

    AJAX within your own applications. Granted, I haven't looked much, but tutorials for making use of AJAX with PHP seem to be lacking (do you know of any good ones?). So I went to Google and searched to see what I could come up with, hoping I'd find some kind of stuff Ruby has. The first thing I
  8. Inspecting PHP Code Quality with Scrutinizer

    This article has been slightly revised based on the feedback from the people behind Scrutinizer. For the most part, the changes are in the "Configuration" section which is now noticeably simpler. We’ve gone through a decent number of tutorials about code quality, inspections, auto-build systems
  9. Crash Course of Wunderlist's API with Guzzle

    ). In 2015, it finally happened for Wunderlist as well: their API was made public and thoroughly documented. In this article, we will look at their API and see how we can interact with a Wunderlist application programatically. To this end, we will start a very small PHP app without any kind of framework
  10. Why Ruby?

    Just a few months ago, I moved from PHP to Ruby. This was not an easy transition, neither in the decision nor in the shift. I was using PHP and, ironically, I didn't know I wasn't enjoying it. Then, at a local meetup I was introduced to Ruby. The attendees showed me some specific features which
  11. Using the RulerZ Rule Engine to Smarten up Playlist Building

    -tutorials/rulerz. The Problem I listen to music all the time. I prefer iTunes, over other media players, for many reasons. But one of the reasons that stands out is that I can use iTunes to build large, complex playlists for me. I can give iTunes a few rules, and it will update the list of playlist
  12. Ubuntu Add-Ons with PHP

    - some quick tips (which is pretty much covered in above tutorials) then the code. You store you scripts under ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts Make sure you've got the php5-cli package installed ($ sudo apt-get install php5-cli) You need to add the PHP shebang line at the top of your script (I omitted
  13. GoogleAppEngine 1.9.0. - PHP Updates

    It’s been a while since I published my Getting Started with PHP on GAE Article, and the platform has been doing better than anyone had expected. The PHP feature request is still at the top of the NFR list, and the Phalcon NFR I created way back then is now sitting at top 17, indicating not only
  14. Building a Multi-step Registration Form for WordPress

    against the profile of registered users. Adding Contact Fields Using the ‘functions.php’ File There are a number of online tutorials that describe how to add contact information fields to a WordPress user profile, including: Customise WordPress User Profile’s Contact Info Add Extra Contact
  15. Flexible and Easily Maintainable Laravel + Angular Material Apps

    In this article, we’re going to set up a Laravel API with Angular Material for the front end. We’re also going to follow best practices that will help us scale with the number of developers working on the project and the complexity behind it. Most tutorials cover this topic from another perspective
  16. Instant XML with PHP and PEAR::XML_Serializer

    in the package and tutorials in The PHP Anthology). Make sure you have it installed by typing: $ pear install HTML_Quickform The HTML_Quickform Version used here was 3.2.2. The form code: <?php     require_once 'configmanager.php';     require_once 'HTML/QuickForm.php
  17. Mastering Composer - Tips and Tricks

    Composer has revolutionized package management in PHP. It upped the reusability game and helped PHP developers all over the world generate framework agnostic, fully shareable code. But few people ever go beyond the basics, so this post will cover some useful tips and tricks. Global
  18. The Pathway for New Rubyists

    One interesting fact about the Ruby ecosystem is its hyperactive nature. New updates, features, and tutorials spring up almost everyday. This makes the ecosystem interesting and fun, yet it could bring untold harm to new Ruby programmers. It is possible to get lost in the volatile nature
  19. Nokogiri Fundamentals: Extract HTML from the Web

    this was: "Wow, if this gem is so popular, there must be some pretty comprehensive tutorials for it, right?" If you type "rails tutorial" into Google, you'll get over 280,000 results. A search for "nokogiri tutorial" gives you...less than 3000 results (on the bright side, this number should get bigger after
  20. Building Custom Login and Registration Pages in WordPress

    account page is not primarily because it isn’t pretty, but because it doesn’t have a connection to the website look and feel. A quick Google search on building custom registration and login pages for WordPress reveals tutorials geared towards advanced PHP/WordPress developers. This is ok
  21. Building an Internationalized Blog with FigDice

    In part one of this two-part series I started looking at FigDice, a PHP templating system that takes a slightly different approach to most. So far we’ve put together a very simple example website using Figdice. We’ve implemented a couple of pages, a Twitter feed and some template partials