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  1. How to Manage Time as a Freelancer

    So you're a freelancer. Maybe you do some side work, maybe it's a full-time gig for you. Maybe you're the entrepreneur behind a small startup, still functioning like a freelancer. In these and many other cases (I'm looking at you, workaholics who don't stop when you get
  2. Student to Freelancer? Don’t Do It!

    I know. I’m the author of a motivating book on successful freelancing (The Principles of Successful Freelancing, SitePoint), so why would I write a title like that? The truth is I sucked at being a freelancer the first time. To be honest, I wasn’t much better the second time either. The reason? I
  3. Extreme Productivity: Freelancer Lockdown!

    This week and next, I'm in freelancer lockdown. I have a few big projects that I really need to focus on. I delayed all my other plans and commitments so that I could hole up in my office and focus. I work remotely, in the country, and I live alone, so I'm kind of taking isolation to a new level
  4. Freelancer, Manage Thyself!

    Big web agencies have project managers with big job titles to keep projects on track. But how does the lone freelancer manage to manage himself? Find out in John Tabita’s latest article.
  5. Interview With An Experienced Freelancer

    opinion it has a sort of unprofessional ring to it. Although I'm on my own, I like to present myself as a company and not as a freelancer. I mean, the only difference between a good freelancer and a big company is the number of people. I try to run a full service Internet business. By that, I mean
  6. Who are You: Freelancer or Business Owner?

    As a business entity, there’s really no difference, legally-speaking, whether you consider yourself a freelancer or business owner. Yet, the distinction is an important one to make, not only to determine who your target client will be, but also to establish your future goals, write a business plan
  7. How to Succeed as a Freelancer

    Perhaps this article has caught your attention for one of two reasons. You might be on the verge of a big life change – ready to quit your full-time job and strike out on your own. Or maybe you're already a freelancer who is struggling to make ends meet. If you are new to this business
  8. How to Be a Bulletproof Freelancer

    believe it's okay to retaliate, or to treat them in a similarly disrespectful way. Not the bulletproof freelancer. You have to keep your cool and your self-respect at all times, which means you must constantly treat your client with dignity, whatever they may do. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't
  9. Does A Freelancer Need A Resume?

    . But if you're a full-time freelancer or business owner, do you need to bother with a résumé? The answer is yes and no. When You May Need a Résumé When you're in business for yourself, it typically becomes more important to provide examples demonstrating proven experience, relevant successes
  10. Other Ways to Make Money as a Freelancer

    different ways to get on with and freelancing can soon look like a worse option than the general 9-5. In fact, there are many things that can get you down when you’re a freelancer. You realize that you have to have business skills, you need to get involved with the tax man on a more intimate basis
  11. "Anti-marketing" Marketing for the Ordinary Freelancer

    These days, everyone's a marketer. And some people truly love promoting themselves. I trained in marketing, but I'm not in that category. I'm just an ordinary freelancer, more intent on doing good work than promoting it. Also, as a ghost writer, I often do work for which I can't claim any public
  12. 7 Ways to Fight Freelancer Loneliness

    Miles has spoken to a bunch of freelancers or telecommuters about what their biggest hurdles to success are. A common one (right up there with finding clients and keeping focus) is the sense of loneliness that results from working by yourself all day.
  13. A Short and Sweet List of the Best Freelancer Hacks

    The amount of hats a freelancer has to wear is enough to open up a hat shop. Nay, a hat franchise. A freelance web developer is also a receptionist and a marketer. A freelance writer is also an office manager and a salesman. These roles are not in the job description, but you'll soon
  14. What Freelancer Schedules Actually Look Like

    The life of a freelancer can be something of a mystery. Where do they go? What do they do? Do they even put on pants? To demystify the daily affairs of these laptop wielding enigmas, we've asked three successful freelancers to share their schedules with us. They have also offered tips
  15. Freelancer Cell Phone Etiquette 101

    to be the basic rules of play for client-freelancer cell etiquette. If You Call... 1. Have your game plan sorted before you call. Okay, so you need to contact your client. What will you do if they  don't answer? Will you leave a message and wait for them to call you back? Will you send them an email
  16. What Does It Take To Be A Successful Freelancer?

    characteristics and an ability to face and conquer challenges. Here’s a look at the benefits, challenges and some must-have characteristics and traits that make a freelancer successful. The Benefits Being self-employed comes with a great set of benefits. Not only can you get rid of a long
  17. Does a Freelancer Need to Use a Contract?

    , liabilities and other legal responsibilities Helps to avoid misunderstandings about what will be done, when and by whom Presents you as a professional and experienced freelancer Works against project scope creep Provides a standard format for collecting necessary client and project information
  18. How to Transition from Freelancer to SaaS Founder

    their subscription active. By embracing compassion within your business, you can stand out even in the most saturated markets. Slightly Expanding Your Horizons Owning a SaaS product isn't necessarily too different from being a freelance web development professional. In fact being a freelancer
  19. Poll: Should You Retire the Word "Freelancer?"

    a freelancer. The work won't be quite as good, but the cost savings will be immense. Or at least, that's how the professional world views freelancers according to designer Arron Lock. "It is unfortunate but as long as there are wannabe designers calling themselves freelancers there will be people