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  1. How to Manage Time as a Freelancer

    So you're a freelancer. Maybe you do some side work, maybe it's a full-time gig for you. Maybe you're the entrepreneur behind a small startup, still functioning like a freelancer. In these and many other cases (I'm looking at you, workaholics who don't stop when you get
  2. A Short and Sweet List of the Best Freelancer Hacks

    The amount of hats a freelancer has to wear is enough to open up a hat shop. Nay, a hat franchise. A freelance web developer is also a receptionist and a marketer. A freelance writer is also an office manager and a salesman. These roles are not in the job description, but you'll soon
  3. What Freelancer Schedules Actually Look Like

    The life of a freelancer can be something of a mystery. Where do they go? What do they do? Do they even put on pants? To demystify the daily affairs of these laptop wielding enigmas, we've asked three successful freelancers to share their schedules with us. They have also offered tips
  4. 9 Answers to Freelancers Frequently Asked Tax Questions

    Ah taxes. They led to the arrest of Al Capone. They had a little something to do with the Revolutionary War. They keep the Swiss banks in business. They’re also a thorn in the side of every freelancer. Unlike full-time employees, we freelancers have to do our own taxes - a process
  5. How to Pitch Freelance Services to Small Businesses

    with something, but they may be unsure of what that something is. As a freelancer, it’s your job to highlight what exactly can be improved, and establish how you and you alone can do the improving. Taking the initiative goes beyond the initial pitch. If you succeed in landing a client, you should
  6. The 18 Best IFTTT Recipes to Skyrocket Productivity

    you go?" messages. 4. Log your work hours in a spreadsheet on Google Drive If you're an entrepreneur, remote worker, or freelancer, this will allow you to see how much time you're actually spending on your projects. 5. Block off the next hour as "Do Not Disturb" To indicate that you
  7. 12 Best Slack Communities for Every Professional

    at a traditional office—including digital nomads, freelancers, business travelers, and students—this community comes with a lot of perks. A free membership comes with recommendations for freelancer-friendly work spaces, along with info about their WiFi speeds and real-time seating capacity. For $5
  8. 50 Free Productivity Dashboards and Templates

    a library of free invoice templates in both Word and Excel that are perfect for the freelancer and start-up. Aynax has a free way to print or download a professional invoice template as well as a template for estimates. Invoiced has an online invoice generator where you can add your
  9. How to Deal With Slow Times at Work

    will be well worth it in the long run. Especially because processes can be repurposed in a multitude of ways. For instance, you could document your process because you want to outsource this task in the future to a virtual assistant (VA), freelancer or intern. Then you could possibly publish
  10. Nine Fiverr Gigs That Save me $6,642 per Month

    for successful outsourcing: Don't outsource anything you can't clearly articulate to the freelancer. You should have an implicit understanding of the task and explicit details on how to perform it. For example, I can outsource SEO tasks because I understand exactly what needs to be done
  11. How to Charge for Design Work

    up front. No last minute extensions. Client knows from the start what the project will cost. No nasty surprises. No scope creep and last minute additions for the freelancer to implement. Cons: Falls apart if you didn’t estimate the effort and schedule in enough detail, or the client
  12. How To Become A Project Management Super Hero

    . This might mean that, as a freelancer, you're delivering a site to a client on time. Or that, as a team leader, ensuring that a design/development team delivers its part of a broader project perfectly to specifications. In just about any role, your project management skills can make the difference between
  13. Getting those first 10 Clients

    enough to deal directly with the clients, and just provide a small kickback to the freelancer. Sweet! Not only did they send me work, they trusted I would do a good job, and I therefore made sure I did. The key point here is to make contacts, yet be careful to not step on any toes - I certainly
  14. Sell Like a Third-Grader: How 2 + 2 Equals More Clients

    if your starting price is three, four, or maybe even five times that? Is $500 a lot of money? You can’t answer that outside the context of what you’re getting in return, can you? As a freelancer or business person trying to sell your services, you must put your price into its proper context. If you
  15. 20 Places to Find Your Next Web Development Job

    -tier web 2.0 blogs on the Internet. As a result, the job board has become a great place to find work at web 2.0 companies, especially those in the New York area. Freelance Switch Job Board - If you're a freelancer looking for design and development gigs, the Freelance Switch job board might be a great
  16. Open Source Image Editors ... for Designers?

    there is a place for open source image editors, even for designers. Here are three examples why this may be the case for you. Situation 1: You’re just starting out as a freelancer and don’t have the funds to purchase top-of-the-line software yet. And when you do, depending on the type of education
  17. Is Routine Undermining Your Productivity?

    progress and performance on those tasks. Discussing it with a colleague or friend-freelancer can help to give you a fresh perspective on the work, and where you can take it. Asking the client for feedback can also help you to see the work, and how you can improve your contributions, in an objective
  18. Account Planning Means a Painless Pitch

    a freelancer. Why let it be the most painful part? All you have to do to make selling painless is to apply the same planning skills that you use when you're implementing your projects.