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  1. Designers Must-Reads #2: Web Designer’s Success Guide

    a freelancer. Here, Kevin gives advice based on his own experience (as everything in the book is, really) and describes the two prominent reasons why any designer may decide to go freelance: fun or fear. The gist of what he’s saying here is that many designers tend to begin doing a little work
  2. Freelancers: Bad Time Estimates Are Killing Your Profits

    Ever had one of those weeks where you're working around the clock, and when you finally get to the end of the week run your invoices, you look at the numbers and think, "... wait, that's it?!" As a freelancer, you're almost always trading time for money. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing
  3. 7 Tips for Landing Your First Client as a Freelance Developer

    , grab a few projects and begin to build your reputation. 1. Build an online portfolio One thing a client looks for in a potential freelancer is whether you'll be able to deliver. If you're new to freelancing, there's a 90% chance you'll lose out on projects to a more experienced freelancer
  4. Not an Accountant? How to Make Sense of Your Business Finances

    to accounting for freelancers will help you get started. For the sake of this post, let's assume that you're just about to hang out your shingle as a freelancer. Where do you start when it comes to organizing your business accounts? Registering your business The first thing that you have
  5. Introducing InvoiceNinja: Self-hosted Invoicing

    For a freelancer, nothing is more important than time. Tracking invoices or doing paperwork can quickly become tedious and occupy a large portion of that. In March, I showed you FusionInvoice, a tool to keep track of your clients and invoices. Although it’s a nice and easy to use tool, its open
  6. How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile and Get Hired

    than just being a member as he does. Providing your job title is one thing, but what’s more important is how you performed at that particular task. Explain how you benefited the company or client and try to display specific achievements or results. Being a freelancer is a great way of avoiding
  7. Rake: Automate All the Things

    for the first time, it's called an adventure. If you decide to do it again, everyone says it adds to your experience. But on the third run, it turns out to be boring. When you step into the Ruby on Rails world as a developer, freelancer, or hobbyist, you will immediately feel the thrill and excitement
  8. 5 Steps to an Endless Supply of Freelance Gigs

    From an agency's point of view, there are several advantages to hiring a freelancer instead of a full time employee--so if you're finding yourself short on work, you can look at both local and national agencies. You can also check out talent networks and find out if your city has Facebook, LinkedIn