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  1. The State of ColdFusion

    The following is republished from the Tech Times #151. In issue 145 of the Tech Times, I offered some advice on which web technologies beginners should invest time in learning. Ben Forta, the Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe, felt I misrepresented ColdFusion when I described it as "relatively
  2. ColdFusion Events

    ...posted by davidjmedlock: Want to keep up with whats going on in the ColdFusion world? Keep track of Macromedia's events calendar. There are both in person and online events scheduled. There are a few basic ColdFusion seminars as well as some advanced topics such as using ColdFusion with IBM Websphere and developing applications with Flash and Coldfusion. I just may sign up for that one...
  3. Cracking into ColdFusion

    The Internet Junkie recently posted a very cool blog post which talks about opening up ColdFusion and altering the behavior of most ColdFusion tags. In his example he creates his own version of CFLOCATION in order to better debug an application a reader was having problems with. This is very cool because it opens up a new level of debugging (albeit dangerous) which I haven't seen from any other coding language. Read more here.
  4. What's New in ColdFusion 9?

    The ColdFusion 9 beta is finally here, and there's plenty to get excited about. If you're up to a challenge, test your knowledge of what's new in ColdFusion with our quiz! What's more, there's a freebie up for grabs for the first 200 quiz contestants who enter their details - a ColdFusion
  5. ColdFusion myth-busting

    I'd like to introduce myself: my name is Kay Smoljak and I'm a ColdFusion developer. I'm going to be posting here from time to time on topics related to my development language of choice. I've been coding in CF for a while now. I started way back in 1999 - the version 4 days - when Netscape
  6. Microsoft using ColdFusion?

    Can it be? Microsoft has a ColdFusion website out there! This is almost as cool as learning that Microsoft ran (runs) FreeBSD for the HotMail servers. [URL=]See the word on Ben's Blog.
  7. Cool ColdFusion things...

    One of the coolest things about any coding language is watching people take it from one area (the web) to another. For example php'ers have hooks into the GTK tool kit which gives them the ability to build GUI applications for the desktop etc. Well recently two cool ColdFusion items have floated
  8. ColdFusion Components - An Introduction

    One of the greatest and probably most anticipated features to come with Macromedia's Coldfusion MX is ColdFusion Components (CFCs). In its most basic form, a CFC is a collection of code and data that's stored in a central file. In the past, you've probably created a file that contained all your
  9. Build a Rotating Gallery in ColdFusion

    will also increment at the same rate. If we wanted, we could make the gallery rotate every hour, minute, or second by adjusting how the ticker is calculated. Getting Started This example assumes you have a basic understanding of HTML and the ColdFusion language. If you are just starting out
  10. Get Started with ColdFusion

    ColdFusion MX is the newest version of an already fantastic product developed by Macromedia, arguably the biggest and best producer of Web software out there. CFMX, as it's commonly referred to, is built on top of J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), and as a result, is much more robust
  11. Practical Uses of HTTP in ColdFusion

    ...posted by davidjmedlock: As you may have noticed, my most recent article has been published on SitePoint: Practicle Uses of HTTP in ColdFusion. I hope everyone enjoys this article and learns as much from as I did. (Yes, writing is not only a teaching experience, but as much or more
  12. Practical Uses of HTTP in ColdFusion

    when we surf the Web. Sometimes, though, we have to actively use HTTP to solve problems. ColdFusion has built-in tags for HTTP support and, as Web developers, it is to our advantage to know how to use these tags efficiently. So, let's take a trip down HTTP lane and see what can be done
  13. Uniting Microsoft Technologies with ColdFusion

    . Some highlights from my day there: Atlas + ColdFusion = Neato Atlas is a very powerful Ajax framework generally associated with ASP.NET. But Brad Adams’ keynote session, Developing a Better User Experience with Atlas, demonstrated how one can use Atlas’ JavaScript libraries
  14. Content Syndication With ColdFusion MX

    Content syndication has become a massively popular approach to providing content to a Website's visitors, as well as providing a means for many people to gather information in one place for quick and easy viewing. For example, if you get your ColdFusion news from Macromedia, your technical
  15. Blackstone and Future ColdFusion versions

    Blackstone is the code name for the next version of ColdFusion. There has been a lot of talk on the net about this new version. People are posting their thoughts on what needs to change, what needs to be added, and what should be removed from this new version. I haven't developed the in-depth
  16. Build a Dynamic Menu in ColdFusion

    Static content is so yesterday. Websites, whether internal or external, are all about staying current. To that end, on a recent internal project I created a new intranet site and opted to develop a dynamically populated menu in ColdFusion. I went this route so that managing the links didn't
  17. Open Source ColdFusion Projects

    ...posted by davidjmedlock: This is pretty cool. SourceForge is a huge (the largest, I'm sure) open source software web site. There are thousands of projects hosted there at SF and a surprising number are ColdFusion Projects. I expected to find only a couple of projects, maybe 10 or so
  18. DB Transactions With ColdFusion

    ...) I strongly encourage the use of transactions as a means of error handling in your application. And in ColdFusion, they're extremely easy to use. With a framework such as .Net, you have to create a transaction object and attach it to a connection object and then begin the transaction