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  1. The release of ColdFusion 9...

    ...well, the shirt anyway. If you’re eagerly anticipating ColdFusion 9 – codenamed Centaur – you can now get the unofficial tshirt. User groups can get bulk orders with their name on the back. Pity it’s white though! hat tip to Ben Forta. The biggest news this week was that Adobe have finalized
  2. The Week in ColdFusion: 11–17 June: ColdFusion 9 sneak peak leaks

    Scotch on the Rocks and WebDU were last week (see my WebDU Day 1 post here) and CFUnited is now underway. It looks like CFUnited will generate heaps of blog posts, so I’ll probably have a separate conference round up after it’s over – but for now, a few advance details for ColdFusion 9 (coming
  3. ColdFusion 8 Updater 1 released

    After a long beta cycle, ColdFusion 8.0.1 is now available! The updater incorporates a heap of fixes and enhancements which you can read about in the release notes (PDF) and FAQ. Notably, 64-bit support has been added to almost every platform - a feature that many organisations were waiting
  4. The Week In ColdFusion: 14-20 May: Keep on growing the community

    to handle undeliverable CFMAIL messages Ben Nadel's solution for converting a query to CSV is well worth a look, as is his code for semi-secure file downloads without cfcontent On a longer and more philosophical note, Ben Nadel has also posted his thoughts on the use of undocumented ColdFusion features
  5. The week in ColdFusion: 16-22 Jan 08: exam time!

    So what does the blogosphere have for hard-working ColdFusion developers this week? Firstly, open source projects have been busy. More information about the upcoming version 5 of the FarCry CMS – “FarCry Fortress” – has been released, and it will now have a variety of deployment options which
  6. The Week in ColdFusion: 26 March-1st April: No fooling here

    On BlueDragon Open Source: Vince Bonfanti, President of New Atlanta, has announced that BlueDragon Open Source will be unveiled at the cf.Objective() conference in May. Vince also speaks his mind on the latest instalment of the ColdFusion Weekly podcast, and is interviewed by Dan Wilson
  7. The Week in ColdFusion: 23-29 Jan: Putting CF developers on the map

    Want to know where all the ColdFusion developers are? CFMaps is a Yahoo! Maps mashup that allows ColdFusion developers to place themselves on the map, color-coded according to their level of experience. Right now, most registrations are in North America - so if you're a CF guy or gal, why not add
  8. The Week in ColdFusion: 18-24 June: CFML, Fast and Furious

    One of the big topics this week has been the announcement of the CFML Advisory Committee at CFUnited. This group, headed up by Sean Corfield, includes members of the Adobe ColdFusion community and the Railo community, but notably no one from the Open BlueDragon camp. Ben Forta has posted his
  9. The Week in ColdFusion: 30 Jan-5 Feb: a bit of everything

    With January gone, the year is really starting to swing into gear, and ColdFusion blogs are busier than ever. In the coding department, Steve Nelson continues his series on using the Google Calendar API with Google Calendar API - Creating a new Calendar with ColdFusion and Google Calendar API
  10. The Week in ColdFusion: 27 Feb-4 Mar: Fun with CFGRID

    . If successful, it will be the first ColdFusion project sponsored by the program. The Daemonite team are asking for help to spread the word and find students who wish to participate. The first ColdFusion 8 updater is in the final stages of testing, and one of the big features of the release is support
  11. The week in ColdFusion: 9–15 Jan 08: Survey Mania

    Big news this week: Obviously well into planning mode for ColdFusion 9, Adobe is seeking end user feedback through a series of surveys. From Adobe “Director of Engineering” Damon Cooper’s blog, there’s firstly the ColdFusion IDE survey: The Adobe ColdFusion team would like to understand more
  12. Best Programming Languages For Job Demand and Salaries, 2015

    ago, iOS and Android didn't exist. Fifteen years ago, ColdFusion and Classic ASP with VBS were popular web development platforms. Twenty years ago, few developers ventured beyond C++ and VisualBasic. Even technologies which persist over the long-term will fluctuate in popularity. Noted
  13. SitePoint Smackdown: PHP vs Node.js

    if the project is abandoned (yay ColdFusion!) Usage has possibly plateaued but many continue to use PHP. It's a safe bet and support looks assured for another twenty years. The ascent of Node.js has been rapid. It offers a modern development approach, uses the same syntax as client-side development
  14. Welcome to The Fuse!

    Welcome to The Fuse, SitePoint's Coldfusion blog. We're pleased to introduce David Medlock, who'll regularly be bringing you news, views, and updates on Coldfusion from around the Web. Check back to stay informed -- if you're serious about Coldfusion, you'll want to plug in to The Fuse!
  15. A New InFusion

    by Eric Jones, long time SitePointer and CF guru. You can look forward to great ColdFusion tips, news and views here at SitePoint -- and get InFused on a regular basis. Welcome, Eric!