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  1. Get Started with ColdFusion

    ColdFusion MX is the newest version of an already fantastic product developed by Macromedia, arguably the biggest and best producer of Web software out there. CFMX, as it's commonly referred to, is built on top of J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), and as a result, is much more robust
  2. Very Cool Things for ColdFusion

    ...posted by davidjmedlock: Okay, I wanted to post something about companies, organizations, and people doing cool things with ColdFusion. Here are just a few: I've downloaded some of the free tags and apps that the guys at CFDev have created and plan on checking them out
  3. ColdFusion myth-busting

    I'd like to introduce myself: my name is Kay Smoljak and I'm a ColdFusion developer. I'm going to be posting here from time to time on topics related to my development language of choice. I've been coding in CF for a while now. I started way back in 1999 - the version 4 days - when Netscape
  4. ColdFusion MX 7 Feature Tour

    This article will focus on what's new on CFMX7 and how this new release is shaking up the Web application server market. I won't try to teach you how to use all the new additions; instead, we'll look at the new and exciting features of this release. ColdFusion MX7 is packed with new features
  5. ColdFusion Technical Journals, Past and Present

    The latest issue of Fusion Authority Quarterly Update (FAQU), the only print journal on ColdFusion, is now available from Fusion Authority. First, a bit of background. Once upon a time, there was a ColdFusion magazine, The ColdFusion Developer's Journal (CFDJ). Produced as part of a stable
  6. The week in ColdFusion: 16-22 Jan 08: exam time!

    So what does the blogosphere have for hard-working ColdFusion developers this week? Firstly, open source projects have been busy. More information about the upcoming version 5 of the FarCry CMS – “FarCry Fortress” – has been released, and it will now have a variety of deployment options which
  7. The Week in ColdFusion: 27 Feb-4 Mar: Fun with CFGRID

    . If successful, it will be the first ColdFusion project sponsored by the program. The Daemonite team are asking for help to spread the word and find students who wish to participate. The first ColdFusion 8 updater is in the final stages of testing, and one of the big features of the release is support
  8. Welcome to The Fuse!

    Welcome to The Fuse, SitePoint's Coldfusion blog. We're pleased to introduce David Medlock, who'll regularly be bringing you news, views, and updates on Coldfusion from around the Web. Check back to stay informed -- if you're serious about Coldfusion, you'll want to plug in to The Fuse!
  9. Encoding your CFML

    ...posted by davidjmedlock: Prompted by a question from another forum member, I decided to look into encoding ColdFusion code. First off, if you go into your CFIDE/Administrator directory under your CF installation path (i.e. C:CFusionMXwwwrootCFIDEAdministrator), you'll notice
  10. Jun 16, 2006 News Wire

    a series of free online seminars for developers on topics related to ColdFusion, Flex and Flash. The first is on June 28th. Registration required! (tags: coldfusion flex flash) Model-Glue:Unity Public Beta 1 Model-Glue is a framework for building ColdFusion web applications using the Model View