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  1. Coding for the Big Screen with the Apple TVOS SDK

    the of the frameworks above form part of the client side of the application. In order for the application to function you will require a server side as well. The server will contain your TVML markup, the JavaScript code and your data. The TVMLKit within your packaged tvOS application will handle the retrieval
  2. 10 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make

    to avoid this is by determining if posting back to the server is truly required. For example, client-side script can be used to provide immediate results when there is no dependency for server-side resources. You can also embrace AJAX techniques ( Wikipedia) or go further with a single-page
  3. Essential Tools & Libraries for Modern JavaScript Developers

    dependencies. Of the package managers listed, the two most common are arguably npm and Bower. Npm deals mainly in node-compatible JavaScript modules, whilst Bower focuses on the entire web platform. It’s not uncommon to use npm to manage server-side packages and bower to manage client-side packages
  4. The State of Accessibility in PHP Tools

    Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and later on became a standard recommendation on march of 2014. Before that time, there was no information on how to make accessible, custom client-side elements, or client-side updates. For example, a lot of people use a span element to create a custom button. Screen
  5. SitePoint Smackdown: PHP vs Node.js

    in no small part by WordPress -- a PHP Content Management System which powers a quarter of all sites. Node.js Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009. It uses Google's V8 JavaScript engine, which also powers client-side code in the Chrome web browser. Unusually, the platform has built-in libraries
  6. Mobile App Development with Zend Studio

    . In the New Cloud Connected Mobile Project wizard, enter a name for both the mobile client side project and the server-side project. In the PHP Server drop-down menu, select a PHP server, and then click Next. In the next step of the wizard, you can select from one of the available project templates
  7. The End is Nigh for CAPTCHAs

    simple questions that are even easier to hack than CAPTCHAs, e.g. "what is the total of 1 plus three?" or Google's new image rotation CAPTCHA which requires client-side coding and hackers probably have a 1 in 10 chance of randomly rotating to the correct angle. 5. CAPTCHAs measure ability
  8. Website testing with TestGen4Web and Firefox

    ", the form containing significant client side Javascript On submitting the form, the popup closes and the original window updates to display the detailed selection While it's possible to test individual "units" of request and response happening here, with SimpleTest and similar, I don't see a good way
  9. The Week in ColdFusion: 18-24 June: CFML, Fast and Furious

    . On the flip side, David Shuck questions why Adobe’s marketing department seems to be out of the ColdFusion loop, omitting it from marketing materials related to Flex where it really should be pushed (hat tip and sincere thanks to Mike Henke). From Adobe, Ben Forta (king of evangelists), Kristen Schofield
  10. Clean or Custom: which CMS is Best?

    process. We spent the first 1-2 hours gathering requirements from the client and deciding on a wireframe for the web site. On the front-end side, all I had to do was communicate with David on the HTML structure, and take care of the CSS. There were a lot of things that I could do and contribute
  11. Successful Web Development Methodologies Article

    they're spending all their time designing and no time coding; immediately after the design has been completed and inspected, the programmer can start to code. Process 5: Build by Feature Process 5 involves a per-feature activity to produce a completed client-valued function (feature). Process 5 is also
  12. A Fast Track Guide to ASP.NET - Chapter 1

    , giving our server-side code more structure. Emitting pure HTML, or HTML plus client-side JavaScript. With one minor exception (which is intentional) the server controls emit HTML 3.2 by default, giving great cross-browser compatibility. This can be changed so that by default we target up-level
  13. We Talked with the Experts Again and This Is What Happened

    the client is pushing us. Mike  @anna, @HAWK, I guess I fall on the logical side so the code part isn't as challenging as the design part (plus, I've had schooling on programming). I've no formal design training and wondering if I should. @ralph.m, that's good advice. Also probably a good way
  14. The Principles of Beautiful HTML Email

    might consider using redirects on your own server, or a service like to get shorter versions of your URLs. Also make sure you use full URLs (including the http:// component), and that you insert a space on either side of the URL to help email clients find them and make them
  15. Getting Started with Java

    years its role has been expanded to include server-side programming of Web pages. In fact, there is great demand in the job market for developers with experience in writing server-side Java applications. Your first step towards adding these skills to your résumé should be to pick up a basic
  16. Latest Search Engine Spam Techniques

    that must be done -- an online business imperative. To exploit a search engine, however, most organizations must exploit a search engine optimization company. In these arrangements, exploitation, or the gaining of something for nothing, becomes the central theme for interaction between client and SEO
  17. Well-Behaved DHTML: A Case Study

    are not doing what they should. As I've grown as a Web developer, I have come to appreciate the value of well-behaved DHTML. I can always sell a client on the fact that the script will either work, or it will gracefully not work, in any browser. They don't always appreciate obvious generalizations like
  18. A Really, Really, Really Good Introduction to XML

    .". Figure 1.1. The logical structure of an XML document. Because what we have is a tree, we should be able to travel up and down it, and from side to side, with relative ease. From a programmatic stance, most of your work with XML will focus on properly creating and navigating XML structures