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  1. How to Test Your Site Locally with Modern.IE

    projects locally using a Git client. Alternately, you can click on the Download button on the right side of the page as shown below. Once you have downloaded the tool, you’ll need to download and install Node.js (version 0.10 or higher). If you already have a version of Node.js installed
  2. Build REST Resources with Laravel

    : curl http://localhost:8000/api/v1/users And this is what’s returned: With PhpStorm’s Rest Client, I get the same result in json. And if I want to see the results in a better format, I can simply press the js icon on the left side of the tool and the Rest Client gives me
  3. Becoming Truly 'Full-Stack' is Unrealistic, But You Should Try

    a large amount of technologies that a competitive web developer should have an understanding of. I’ve aggregated some of the most common skills below. HTML, CSS, Javascript A backend language Version control Command line usage Node/Ruby Tooling Preprocessors Client Side MVC frameworks
  4. How I Set Up My Development Machine on Windows

    for a near perfect editing experience!) Within Sublime, I install Package Control straight away. Next I search for some packages: I’ve installed Emmet, Phpcs, and Xdebug Client for example. The plugins I use will come and go; I like testing different code sniffers, coding standards helpers, language
  5. Best Practices REST API from Scratch – Implementation

    ). With a full featured ORM/Model structure we could, and should, make a single query to our database, in order to improve performance. Caching Caching is important for our application’s performance. A good API should at least allow client side caching using the HTTP protocol’s caching
  6. Browser Testing with Modern.IE

    can easily flip through them in the browser, but what if you want to download them, print them out, and present them to a colleague or client? It's valuable to have print outs that team members can hold in real life, and do a side by side comparison of different devices and how their site is rendered
  7. How to Charge for Websites: Fixed-Price Projects

    in disaster for both you and the client. Think of any government IT scheme. Developers are notoriously bad at estimating schedules but the larger the project, the wider the margin of error. Another problem is we only think about the coding side and rarely consider client meetings, planning, holidays
  8. Storing Mobile Positions in a Remote Database, Part 2

    Introduction In the previous article of this series Storing Mobile Positions in a Remote Database we considered the architecture of the application and began by designing the database where we would store mobile positions. In this second part we’ll design the client side portion and add
  9. Advanced Web Design Without Code? A How-To with Webydo

    for their clients without relying on their own coding skills or on developers, there is a new platform that makes it easier than ever: Webydo. This community-led platform of 35,000 designers, made by designers for designers, aspires to present an alternative to the powerful open-code developers communities