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  1. HTML Coding Q&A

    grand total button would be great. Do I have to learn JavaScript to do this, or can it be done in HTML? -- Jeff Johnston A. HTML merely controls how a web page is displayed. To do any sort of form processing, math etc, will require that you use JavaScript (client-side) or PERL which is a server-side
  2. What's the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2015?

    There is no "best" language. Few developers have the luxury (or tedium?) of working with a single technology. If you're considering client-side JavaScript, you won't get far without a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, image formats, tools and browser quirks. Server-side NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, .NET
  3. Write CSS3 without Worrying about Prefixes

    at all!) and it runs client-side. -prefix-free detects the user’s browser, finds CSS in <link>, <style>, and inline, and adds exactly the prefixes that the browser needs. This saves you time and keeps your stylesheets lighter. The drawback to this method is that it runs client-side, so
  4. Transparent Redirects with Braintree

    -coding the amount here, but in a production app you would either generate this using some server-side logic, or in the case of a donation form with an unspecified total, you would create a form field and allow the user to provide one. I also usually set the “submit for settlement” option to true
  5. How to be a Good Developer

    you’ll also need to be a good collaborator, and let’s face it, programmers are not the most social people out there. You need to collaborate not just with other developers, but also with your manager, and maybe directly with the client. Collaboration also means knowing what’s at stake
  6. Prototyping Tools: Moving from Fireworks to Illustrator

    . But one of the major elements that drew me to prefer Fireworks is its ability to create multi page documents: it makes sharing resources and styles among every page of the prototype very easy and allows you to produce a unique PDF document that’s ready to be sent to the client for approval. When
  7. SitePoint Smackdown: Atom vs Brackets vs Light Table vs Sublime Text

    an underground Vim-like quasi-religious following. The editors are free so you can install and use them interchangeably. I usually reach for Atom when I'm doing project work on the Mac. Brackets is my preferred choice on the PC for client-side projects or markdown files (there's a great preview plugin
  8. Build REST Resources with Laravel

    : curl http://localhost:8000/api/v1/users And this is what’s returned: With PhpStorm’s Rest Client, I get the same result in json. And if I want to see the results in a better format, I can simply press the js icon on the left side of the tool and the Rest Client gives me
  9. Becoming Truly 'Full-Stack' is Unrealistic, But You Should Try

    a large amount of technologies that a competitive web developer should have an understanding of. I’ve aggregated some of the most common skills below. HTML, CSS, Javascript A backend language Version control Command line usage Node/Ruby Tooling Preprocessors Client Side MVC frameworks
  10. How to Test Your Site Locally with Modern.IE

    projects locally using a Git client. Alternately, you can click on the Download button on the right side of the page as shown below. Once you have downloaded the tool, you’ll need to download and install Node.js (version 0.10 or higher). If you already have a version of Node.js installed
  11. How I Set Up My Development Machine on Windows

    for a near perfect editing experience!) Within Sublime, I install Package Control straight away. Next I search for some packages: I’ve installed Emmet, Phpcs, and Xdebug Client for example. The plugins I use will come and go; I like testing different code sniffers, coding standards helpers, language
  12. Best Practices REST API from Scratch – Implementation

    ). With a full featured ORM/Model structure we could, and should, make a single query to our database, in order to improve performance. Caching Caching is important for our application’s performance. A good API should at least allow client side caching using the HTTP protocol’s caching
  13. Is Your Browser Your Next IDE?

    is the target audience? The WebIDE is not for novices; the vast majority of people will never open or use the editor. But is it powerful enough for developers? I'm sure some will try it for Firefox OS and client-side only development but you'll want to use something more suitable when coding
  14. Hands on with the Android Wear Developer Preview, Part 2

    , a client-server program which communicates with an emulator instance or connected Android device. -d: Directs an adb command to the attached USB device. forward: Port forwarding which forwards requests on a specific host port to a different port. You can also try these commands: adb devices
  15. HTML5 Forms: JavaScript and the Constraint Validation API

    -side form validation without any JavaScript coding. However, we need to enhance native validation when implementing more sophisticated forms because: not all browsers support all HTML5 input types and CSS selectors error message bubbles use generic text ('please fill out this field
  16. Flight is the Right Choice for Your Existing Website

    have accrued on the server need to be replicated on the client side to turn your API responses into correctly formatted views. So now you're at a crossroads. Do you continue down this path, replicating logic across two codebases and risk them getting out of sync, or do you decide to refocus your
  17. Browser Testing with Modern.IE

    can easily flip through them in the browser, but what if you want to download them, print them out, and present them to a colleague or client? It's valuable to have print outs that team members can hold in real life, and do a side by side comparison of different devices and how their site is rendered
  18. How to Charge for Websites: Fixed-Price Projects

    in disaster for both you and the client. Think of any government IT scheme. Developers are notoriously bad at estimating schedules but the larger the project, the wider the margin of error. Another problem is we only think about the coding side and rarely consider client meetings, planning, holidays
  19. Feature-zilla! Will Featureful Kill Usable on the Web?

    that most users only utilise about 20% of their feature sets. Whilst many vendors are doing a far better job than they used to, the same is true about many software solutions. On the flip side, when was the last time you found yourself swearing at the screen attempting to accomplish a seemingly