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  1. Coding for the Big Screen with the Apple tvOS SDK

    the of the frameworks above form part of the client side of the application. In order for the application to function you will require a server side as well. The server will contain your TVML markup, the JavaScript code and your data. The TVMLKit within your packaged tvOS application will handle the retrieval
  2. HTML Coding Q&A

    grand total button would be great. Do I have to learn JavaScript to do this, or can it be done in HTML? -- Jeff Johnston A. HTML merely controls how a web page is displayed. To do any sort of form processing, math etc, will require that you use JavaScript (client-side) or PERL which is a server-side
  3. Deploying from GitHub to a Server

    first port of call for processing tasks after particular Git actions. These are divided into server- and client-side hooks. Server-side hooks are for events such as listening to network operations – for example, when a repository receives a push. Client-side hooks are triggered on actions
  4. What's the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2016?

    if you concentrate on client-side development, you won't get far without some knowledge of browsers, HTML and CSS (they're not programming languages and are considerably more quirky!) Here are solid introductions to HTML and CSS from our Premium content collection. Native OS development in something
  5. 6 Web Development Myths about Microsoft Edge

    This There are several ways to resolve this. First, you must remove any client or web server side code that has UA sniffing for conditioning web server responses based on that UA string. Try to avoid this--this is not recommended in HTML5 Web Standards. Make sure you have a clean HTML document
  6. Graph Data with Firebase

    Authentication, which is a tool to authenticate users with only client-side code Realtime Database, a realtime JSON database for storing and sync data Static Hosting, a production-grade static asset hosting These services take responsibility to handle complex things and do the hard work
  7. The Joys of Block Scoping with ES6

    This article is part of a web development series from Microsoft. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Brendan Eich invented JavaScript in 10 days around May 6-15 in 1995. The language, originally called Mocha, started as a simple client-side scripting language
  8. Bluff Your Way through React at the Dev Dinner Party

    and words to google/sitepoint for the next month. It's like coding in the 90s with whole page refreshes (albeit optimized client side ones), inline styles (albeit not a requirement) and inline events (albeit one root event)…and "HTML in your JS", but there's nothing wrong with that4. it hasn't it's not…yet you don't, but it's a good idea to ;-) there's a lot wrong with the 90s, this conclusion uses a liberal creative licence
  9. A Simple Case for Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Client-side detection and replacement via JavaScript HTML5 picture element HTML5 srcset attribute CSS image-set CSS media queries Resolution-independent images (SVG) CSS3 media query works out well for loading logos appropriately based on screen size the hybrid app gets rendered
  10. An Introduction to ClojureScript

    languages have many properties that help reduce and mitigate common bugs. Performance: ClojureScript uses Google's Closure Compiler. This allows ClojureScript to utilize dead code elimination and other features. Live Coding: The ClojureScript ecosystem provides many tools to do “live coding
  11. Building a Basic Video Search App with Vimeo's API and Slim

    click the ‘authentication’ tab to reveal the tokens which you can use to interact with the API. We’ll need those later. API Playground Before you move on to coding a demo app, take a look at the API Playground. This is a tool provided by Vimeo so developers can play around with the API
  12. Using JavaScript Frameworks inside C# with ChakraBridge

    (but there are MANY MANY more): Facebook Twitter client Instagram Pinterest PouchDB CDC Hello.js Together.js Math.js Moment Etc. Once you've picked the framework that you want to use, you have to inject it into your Chakra context. In my case I wanted to use CDC (CloudDataConnector
  13. Write Better Queries with Breeze.js

    is a JavaScript library that helps us manage data in rich client applications. Breeze runs natively in every browser and supports client-side querying, caching and dynamic object graphs. The best thing about Breeze.js is that it doesn’t mirror the server-side model, but it creates it dynamically
  14. ES6 for Now: Template Strings

    , and urgh, too… var list = '<ul>' + ' <li>Buy Milk</li>' + ' <li>Be kind to Pandas</li>' + ' <li>Forget about Dre</li>' + '</ul>'; Client-side Templating Solutions In order to work around the mess that is string handling
  15. Vorlon.js: Focus on DOM Explorer

    will be able to see where this node belongs on the client side: Live text editing By double-clicking on any text inside the DOM explorer window, you have the ability to live edit it: But you can also use the HTML section on the right pane to edit HTML text content: This feature can
  16. Voice controlled PHP apps with

    as headers. We then pass in the body of the request as JSON. The request body should contain the query and the lang keys. The query is submitted from the client-side through a POST request. An example of a query for this app would be “What time is it in Barcelona, Spain?” or “What’s the current time
  17. 10 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make

    to avoid this is by determining if posting back to the server is truly required. For example, client-side script can be used to provide immediate results when there is no dependency for server-side resources. You can also embrace AJAX techniques ( Wikipedia) or go further with a single-page
  18. What's the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2015?

    . A few languages have gone up or down a place but there are no new entrants or large leaps into the top ten. What Surveys Won't Tell You There is no "best" language. Few developers have the luxury (or tedium?) of working with a single technology. If you're considering client-side
  19. Essential Tools & Libraries for Modern JavaScript Developers

    dependencies. Of the package managers listed, the two most common are arguably npm and Bower. Npm deals mainly in node-compatible JavaScript modules, whilst Bower focuses on the entire web platform. It’s not uncommon to use npm to manage server-side packages and bower to manage client-side packages