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  1. Flight is the Right Choice for Your Existing Website

    have accrued on the server need to be replicated on the client side to turn your API responses into correctly formatted views. So now you're at a crossroads. Do you continue down this path, replicating logic across two codebases and risk them getting out of sync, or do you decide to refocus your
  2. Browser Testing with Modern.IE

    can easily flip through them in the browser, but what if you want to download them, print them out, and present them to a colleague or client? It's valuable to have print outs that team members can hold in real life, and do a side by side comparison of different devices and how their site is rendered
  3. How to Charge for Websites: Fixed-Price Projects

    in disaster for both you and the client. Think of any government IT scheme. Developers are notoriously bad at estimating schedules but the larger the project, the wider the margin of error. Another problem is we only think about the coding side and rarely consider client meetings, planning, holidays
  4. Feature-zilla! Will Featureful Kill Usable on the Web?

    that most users only utilise about 20% of their feature sets. Whilst many vendors are doing a far better job than they used to, the same is true about many software solutions. On the flip side, when was the last time you found yourself swearing at the screen attempting to accomplish a seemingly
  5. Storing Mobile Positions in a Remote Database, Part 2

    Introduction In the previous article of this series Storing Mobile Positions in a Remote Database we considered the architecture of the application and began by designing the database where we would store mobile positions. In this second part we’ll design the client side portion and add
  6. Ruby TCP Chat

    hashes will look like with some data # hash Connections preview connections: { clients: { client_name: {attributes}, ... }, rooms: { room_name: , ... } } Then we need to create two threads on the client side so it can read/write messages at the same time. Without this functionality
  7. Advanced Web Design Without Code? A How-To with Webydo

    for their clients without relying on their own coding skills or on developers, there is a new platform that makes it easier than ever: Webydo. This community-led platform of 35,000 designers, made by designers for designers, aspires to present an alternative to the powerful open-code developers communities
  8. Controlling Web Pages with Javascript and on{X}

    -time communication between servers and clients. It allows you to define events on both the server and client. For example io.sockets.emit('eventthathappened') creates a new event that the application can react to. To react to the event, simply set up an event handler like this - socket.on
  9. The Ten Toughest Tasks in Development

    the coding side and forget to the other activities on this list. 4. Working on someone else's code There are an infinite number of ways to create a software solution. Working on someone else's code means spending many hours wading through thousands of lines of code to understand what they were