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  1. Sell Like a Yellow Pages Rep, Part 1

    Last week, I wrote about how web designers can transition to print. Here's how to sell digital media like a print rep. Selling Yellow Pages is challenging. Those who don't leave for greener pastures eventually “bleed yellow”—meaning, once it's in your system, no other job will satisfy. A few
  2. Don’t Just “Propose” … Sell!

    We web geeks have a problem. If you’re like me, you probably taught yourself how to design or program websites for the love of it. But, one day, maybe after you built a free site for a friend’s company or your church, this thought passed through your mind: “I could get paid for doing
  3. Selling Your Services? Six Must-Read Sales and Marketing Books

    In my last article, I outlined 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Web Design Business. When I graduated from design school, if you’d told me that within eight years, not only would I be selling my services, but I’d be teaching others to do the same … I would have said you were out of your
  4. The Reverse Sell, Per David Sandler

    book, focuses on what he calls the reverse sell. The reverse sell is all about stepping back and not being too anxious to sell your services. At its best, it even means encouraging the prospect NOT to buy. For instance, "Well, it sounds like you aren't interested in moving forward with me..." I've
  5. The relief of selling products instead of services

    I've got a couple of businesses that sell products, tangible products (see, for instance, my collaboration with my wife at I have to say that marketing products is so much easier than marketing services. For instance, my wife sent out some samples of our products to some
  6. Your Client Contact Left Your Biggest Account. Now What?

    . Be Prepared to Sell Your Services All Over Again Remember everything you did to land the account? You get to do it again. Your new contact may have vendors or freelancers they prefer. And just like new prospects sometimes do, your new contact may use them to get you to drop your prices. If you've truly
  7. 5 Steps to an Endless Supply of Freelance Gigs

    to you and your services, so this is the highest leverage place to start. Think about what they might need from you, based on your previous work with them. If you helped them with a whole website, then come up with one to three "touch up" mini-service packages (i.e. new social media icons
  8. How to Create a Portfolio Site That Will Get You Hired

    to sell themselves to potential clients. In this article I will show you some useful tips for making a portfolio site, along with some great live examples. Why a portfolio site? Having a professional LinkedIn profile is one thing, but you can really show your skills using your own portfolio site
  9. 4 of the Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

    on designing rather than programming. With some frameworks, 80% of your work has already been done before you begin, so you only have to worry about using the remaining 20% to make your theme unique. Frameworks do have one major drawback, which is also seen with automobile platforms. They limit flexibility
  10. Navigating iTunes Connect: a Developer's Guide

    the app’s monetization strategy in ITC, even though you may get your sales reports elsewhere. Many developers prefer to get their sales reports from services like App Annie, as sales can be aggregated from Google, Apple, and Amazon. However, you can’t avoid using ITC to set up two critical