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  1. How to Pitch Freelance Services to Small Businesses

    the lead. To sell a small business on your services, you need to come across as a subject matter expert. You’re offering them something they cannot do themselves, so when pitching, don’t ask what you can do for them, tell them what you can do for them. Don’t look for permission to do something
  2. How to Sell Statistics to Clients

    technical expertise and could be worth thousands to your client. These services may be time consuming, but they also provide further opportunities to meet your client and help them increase sales. Your business relationship will grow stronger and, the more successful they become, the more work they will put your way. Do you sell statistical services? Are you considering it? Are your clients making the most of the information?
  3. Write Proposals That Sell

    In today's market, if you can't write good proposals, you won't be able to sell. Let's face facts: we're in a buyer's market when it comes to freelance services. For every job you bid on, you're competing with five, ten, or even more other freelancers. I recently put out an RFP for a Web design
  4. Sell Like a Third-Grader: How 2 + 2 Equals More Clients

    if your starting price is three, four, or maybe even five times that? Is $500 a lot of money? You can’t answer that outside the context of what you’re getting in return, can you? As a freelancer or business person trying to sell your services, you must put your price into its proper context. If you
  5. Is Your Website's Privacy Policy Putting You at Risk?

    policies—statements that can't be verified. Always make sure you can keep any promises made in your policy. Promising to Not Share or Sell Your Email Address and Personal Information "We will not share or sell your email address and personal information." This is a common statement you'll find
  6. Does how you BUY hurt how you SELL?

    Had a great conversation with a sales consultant colleague of mine today. He has discovered that lots of professionals hurt how they SELL their services because of the way they BUY goods and services. Check it out.... Suppose you are extremely skeptical and suspicious when you buy. Further suppose
  7. Best Free and Cheap Website Options for Small Businesses

    a business, and especially if you cater to local clients in your area, you should get your business listed on maps! Many people use Google Maps or other map services to find businesses while they travel, or just as a normal way to search (I do!). It makes sense to update your listing on the most
  8. 7 Entrepreneurs Tell Us 7 People They're Thankful For

    of college. My job was to sell him additional hosting services and to help him grow his business, but this professional relationship turned into a great friendship, mentorship, occasional business partnerships, and continues to this day with regular weekly phone calls in which we discuss business, sports
  9. 9 Entrepreneurs And The Companies They're Thankful For

    expect who go that extra mile. This type of event inspires me to believe in others and continue to invest in their unlimited potential. Bottom line: never sell anyone short. You don’t know what someone can accomplish until you give them a chance to really show you. Courage, dedication
  10. Asm.js and WebGL for Unity and Unreal Engine

    , push a new build to your website. Don’t want to wait out the one-week approval process of the iOS App Store (that is, IF it gets approved)? Perfect, push to your own site. You could, of course, always sell it behind a paywall, too; or require some sort of authorization to play the title
  11. 4 Passive Income Streams to Generate More Revenue

    in your home or drive your car without any supervision. They might get into an accident or steal something from your apartment. Fortunately, services like Airbnb and RelayRides provide sizable insurance policies. In the event of an accident or a theft, both of these services will compensate you
  12. How Words Are the Foundation of Interaction Design

    your product's overall message – and we'll explain how using some words of our own. Below we'll show you why words are the base of interaction design and how to know the context of the copy. The Purpose of Copy in Interaction Design As technology advances and new modes
  13. Your First Cold Call Article

    , talking with a specific market of graphic and Web designers as we introduced them to our software. Cold calling has negative connotations among the small business community, especially as why-are-they-calling-me-at-dinner-time-to-sell-me-long-distance-services-that-save-me-$1-a-month telemarketing
  14. Blogging Can Make You Money, Even if Your Blog Doesn't

    engagements, can help you sell books, services, or whatever you do, etc. For many people, their personal blog is a great marketing tool for building their personal brand. It doesn't make them money directly, but it does make them money. So what about Lyons? Turns out, his blog made him a lot more than
  15. The Non-Writer’s Guide to Writing for the Web

    of “talking loudly” “stormed” instead of “walked angrily” “clutched” instead of “grabbed tightly” “glared” instead of “stared harshly” Avoid Jargon or Technical Terms Your Readers Won’t Understand This is a challenge when you sell technology solutions to non-technical clients. “We provide
  16. 5 Steps to an Endless Supply of Freelance Gigs

    to you and your services, so this is the highest leverage place to start. Think about what they might need from you, based on your previous work with them. If you helped them with a whole website, then come up with one to three "touch up" mini-service packages (i.e. new social media icons
  17. Join Forces and Start Cross-Promoting Now

    to sell when they advertise your company to their network (as you do with their products and services). Because they are respected and valued by their customer base, your offering will garner added interest and consideration, too. You expand your reach – Cross-promotion enables you to reach a new
  18. Nokia Offers Free Google Maps Alternative

    . This allows your app to download, store and use large map sections, negating any issues with slow, spotty or non-existent connectivity -- always a potential issue with download-as-you-go bitmap services. 3D View: Like a classic in-car GPS unit, Ovi offers a pilot's perspective view of your map. Turn
  19. Interview - Julie Howell, Royal National Institute of the Blind

    feel much more positive about the task at hand. After all, accessibility is about extending the reach of your products and services to a larger number of people and should therefore be viewed in a positive light. If you worked for a large corporate company, how would you sell accessibility to your