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Zend Webcast: PHP Rocks!

By Thomas Rutter

Today, Zend is hosting a free 45 minute Webcast presented by Django Bayless of the Signatures Network.

From the description:

Signatures Network is the music industry’s premiere entertainment licensing and merchandising company, holding the merchandising and marketing rights to more than 125 top music artists and entertainment properties including Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, The Beatles, Britney Spears, U2, KISS, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira among many others.

The presentation takes place in just under 13 hours from now (April 28 at 16:00 GMT), and will include a question and answer session. Its full title is PHP Rocks! How Signatures Network Builds Highly Scalable Web Sites for Major Music Artists . The webcast is free but you need to sign up.

The presentation could be interesting if it goes into some technical detail about the measures they took to ensure scalability.


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