By Thomas Rutter

Zend Platform (and a free T-shirt)

By Thomas Rutter

Zend is giving away free T-shirts to anyone willing to complete a pre-evalutation survey and commence a free evaluation of Zend Platform. This news comes via

From the product information:

Through a centralized management console that proactively dispatches information to the applicable IT personnel, Zend Platform delivers comprehensive insight, run-time profiling, and performance monitoring, with an unmatched performance boost to ensure your business runs optimally.

The product can send automated alerts to the relevant employee when errors occur, and it logs information about the errors. A live demo demonstrates the user interface, showing statistics about incidences such as slow queries, peaks in server load, regular PHP errors, and inconsistent output sizes which could be indicative of other problems.

The software costs $995 per year for a single CPU license (a bit like adding $83 per month to your dedicated server costs).

  • Wesley

    Will they send it to locations outside America too?

  • MiiJaySung

    I think the T shirt would be more useful to me than the product, if the product is anything like Zend’s other commercial products, such it’s IDE. Still the idea sounds good

  • We are using Zend platform since December and I must say that it is really a usefull application if you have to manage many site/application with different configuration.

    It is also very usefull to backtrace a problem that appear in a library because of a bad function call.

    I recommend it for entreprise who develop multiple project at the same time that a error can be critical to their clients.

    my 2 cents

  • Eric Guerin

    Zend needs to change their licensing, so ISP’s can provide hosting on a Zend Platform box. This would bring the cost for small-time developers down, and was something I wanted to offer to my hosted clients.

  • Wheeee now i can have some clothing on me :P

  • I was working on ZEND platform for last two years and one of the bugs which is still arround is it instantiate’s 6 to 8 instances of PHP.EXE and those can be seen in very well in the Process List of Windows OS(2000). Is anyone having an answer for this.

    anxiously waiting for solutions!

  • jfriesen

    anyone get a t-shirt yet? :)

  • RandomMe

    saumendra > your solution is to switch to Linux!

  • wully

    wow!! it’s nice! very nice

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