By Harry Fuecks

Zend Framework Tutorial

By Harry Fuecks

Seem to be spilling links today. Anyway – via the Zend Framework mailing list (subscribe to fw-general-subscribe _at_, the first full tutorial, written by Chris Shiflett, is online at and the corresponding code is available here (.tar.gz). Provides a gentle introduction.


    Extending the Framework even further to include gettext support

  • The New Guy

    That database class is horrible.

  • Also more on the controller here:

  • guest

    Nice idea but I think that we really don’t need yet another “half working” framework for PHP…

  • miladmovie

    az I know when whe run root function indexAction must run but when I run it function noRouteAction in IndexController.php run plz guide me

  • Impressed

    After going through the tutorial I’m really impressed. Zend seems to have developed something really good here. It’s easy to pick up, really clean, and it’s pieces can be easily used independent of each other. Nice.

  • zbap

    The Zend Framework is an excellent piece of work. I will highly recommend its usage to anyone

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