You’ve Never Seen A Cooler Like This Before. Get It Free!

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    You've never seen a cooler like this before. Get it free!

    It’s never too soon to start daydreaming about warmer days. And while you’re at it, why not daydream about your next beach day or tailgate with the high-tech cooler of your dreams? (Okay, you may not have cooler dreams yet, but you’re about to.) Win the Coolest Cooler worth $499 at SitePoint Shop.

    Sure, the Coolest Cooler will store your snacks and drinks just like a regular cooler. But does a regular cooler whip up margaritas with a high-performance blender? Or play your favorite music with the built-in waterproof Bluetooth speaker? Or charge your phone when you’re nowhere near an outlet? The Coolest Cooler does that and more—it’s got a bottle opener, cutting board, extra-wide rolling tires for easy transport, storage for utensils, and LED lid light for after-hours partying, and plenty more.

    It’s also really easy to enter to win one. Just head over to SitePoint Shop and submit your email address—that’s it. Got a few minutes to spare? Send the giveaway link to everyone you know. You’ll get extra entries for yourself when others enter using your referral link.

    Go ahead and daydream. And then enter to win the Coolest Cooler at SitePoint Shop!