You looking at me?

Eric Jones

Ok this goes out to all you ColdFusion people who have a lick of talent, which based on this readership is everyone!

Did you know SitePoint pays for ColdFusion articles? That’s right you can write an article on a ColdFusion topic and you’ll get cold hard cash, ok it won’t be cold or hard because it’s all done electronically but you know what I’m getting at.

So why am I telling you this? Because as much as I like to see my name in lights, and as much as I like to see my mug up on the SitePoint pages. I know I’m not the end all, be all of ColdFusion writers.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one, well almost. The articles have to be good articles, please no jokes about my content, and Kevin our illustrious technical editor has to give them his stamp of approval.

So what constitutes a “good” article to Mr. Yank?

Our writing guidelines cover it pretty thoroughly. We look for strong writing skills, a Web-related subject that isn’t already covered on SitePoint, a practical outcome that readers can actually use, best practice, standards-compliant solutions. –kyank

Don’t think you can “write” a good article? I think you are wrong! Afraid you can’t get your point across eloquently? Again I think you are wrong!

How do I know you are wrong, because you haven’t tried yet. So here’s the deal, write up your article to the best of your ability and then email it to me at gigado AT gmail DOT com. I’ll review it and give you my thoughts and edits. You then make the changes and send it off to the super editor Georgina where she’ll work her magic to get it in front of the great geek Kevin.

It’s easy trust me! Besides it looks good on your resume / portfolio and often do you get to tell someone that you’re published?