By Philip Miseldine

XP Service Pack 2

By Philip Miseldine

Technically, this isn’t .NET. But, unless you’re using Mono, Service Pack 2 is going to be a must-have for most .NET coders.

Have you installed it? Found any incompatibilities? Drop a comment

  • We’re approaching SP2 warily here at SitePoint after the first two update attempts we made resulted in systems that would no longer boot.

  • I’ve installed it on a number of machines (10 or so) on our network and I’ve yet to come across a single problem!


  • five40

    Havent found any issues with SP2 (yet). However if you are having problems with SQL Server after SP2 installation, this might help :;en-us;841249

  • SP2 has been running fine for me since RC2. I’m going to put it on my laptop when it gets back from HP.

    The only thing I have problems with is Windows Media Player 10, which is still in beta.

  • Ken

    SP2 RC2 has issues with Norton Anti-virus Corporate Client edition. I believe it has problems with the Sym event that allows the service to run in the background. I had to uninstall it several times and use their previous version before it ran correctly.

  • Nikobass

    I hope you’ll not make the step to upgrade to SP2 without waiting some weeks. It’s filled with so many incompatibilites (over 250 programs) included in this list VS.NET and SQL Server !! Bad decision again from MS…

  • Kevin, I had the same experience when beta testing SP2. On my brand new Vaio, the machine just wouldn’t reboot. Each successive build, the same problem occured. For the time being, I’m sticking with SP1.

    Nikobass: To be fair, its usually developers using shortcuts within their code (misuse of APIs, quick hacks) that cause these instabilities. But yeah, its pretty surprising some of Microsofts flagship applications don’t like SP2 either.

  • MiiJaySung

    for people with 64bit Athlon’s it’s worth pointing out that if you installed an old 32bit copy of windows, that using the 32bit SP2 patch seems to screw things up. (well it did for me).

    I can only guess that the NX / Non executable stuff has something to do with it.

    — Jason

  • I’ve installed it on my laptop and my home PC and have yet to run across any problems. I use a number of programs to aid in web design and haven’t experienced any conflicts with the OS as of yet (fingers-crossed). I particularly like the effectiveness of the new pop-up blocker, so far it has worked very well.

  • FYI…(It didn’t take long)

    Bugs, Exploits Dog XP SP2

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