It’s a U.S. Holiday … And I’m Happy to Be Working Today

Alyssa Gregory

It’s Memorial Day here in the U.S., and I’ve decided to spend a chunk of the day in front of my computer. And I’m not angry, resentful or disappointed by this fact. Here’s why.

I made the choice.

Years ago, when I decided to work for myself, I had a vague idea that this would mean making a lot of sacrifices. The realization became even more clear a few months into business ownership, as it does for many entrepreneurs, when I faced a business startup process that included wearing a multitude of hats and having to do a little of everything. Many times, small business success translates into simply putting in the time and energy to make it a success.

Now that my business is established, my choice has moved to deciding when I want to work, and yes, sometimes that means working holidays. On the flip side, if I want to take off an entire week when all of my corporate counterparts are working, I can. It just takes some serious advanced planning and mobile access, of course. But at the end of the day, the choice is mine.

The alternative is much more undesirable to me.

As enjoyable as it is to have scheduled (PAID!) vacations and holidays that come with a relatively secure employee position, I cringe at the thought of having to report to a 9-5 job where I’m a mere cog in the company machine. Not to affront those who are entirely happy in their full-time jobs, because I know there are many, my position is that I would work every holiday if it kept me from working for someone else again.

I’m not alone.

Well, I’m alone here in my office right now (except when my kids pop in to check on me), but there is a tremendous sense of togetherness that comes from knowing many of my U.S. entrepreneurial colleagues are also putting in work time today. Plus, there’s everyone else outside of  the U.S. and, for them, today is just another Monday. I’m definitely not alone out there in cyberspace.

I get to enjoy an abbreviated yet productive workday.

I decided that I will put in 3-4 hours of work today, and then I’m heading outside to enjoy the hot sun, family time and good food. It’s an easy work schedule because many of my clients are off for the day, and I can focus on the biggest items on my list. Those 3-4 highly focused hours will make the rest of my week a lot easier. And I will get to take some extra time off later in the week because I spent the time to get ahead.

So back to work I go for a couple more hours today … and it’s easy because I really love what I do.

Do you ever decide to work on holidays or weekends? Do you feel like the benefits outweigh the sacrifices?

Image credit: Remuslizrd