By Harry Fuecks

WordPress Winning Friends

By Harry Fuecks

WordPress, a blogging application written in PHP with MySQL in the background seems to be winning more and more friends.

It began with Matt Croydon describing WordPress as impressive;

It was really quick. It’s really slick.

Which prompted further reaction from Russell Beattie: PHP Web Projects Continue to Impress Me.

More recently Mark Pilgrim described his reasons for switching from MovableType to WordPress, which he seems to have managed seamlessly.

Further adopters since then include well known Java bloggers;

Vinny Carpenter describes a WordPress Installation – First impressions:

I literally had the whole thing running in about 4 minutes and this was the first time I had installed WordPress.

Andrej Koelewijn, a Java and Oracle consulting is now using WordPress.

And of course Jeff is also using WordPress…

There’s a useful comparison of blog software here; featurewise WordPress compares favorably with other well known applications.

What interests me about WordPress is the decisions taken in it’s design, such as using using PHP itself as a template language, backed with HTML rendering functions. Classes come into play when dealing with “architectural domain” issues such as XML-RPC and i18n. Pretty good case study in how to build a successful application with “vanilla PHP” (no framework) it seems.

  • :agree:

    Yep, this got a lot of good reviews in our local papers a few weeks back, took a look myself and was taken in by it all :)

    Needs to tidy up the UI though, which kind of lets it all down in my view :)

  • zoki

    It’s nice but using php as a template language and not using engines like Smarty can be a big minus, especially begginers (who know very little about php) won’t like this.

  • I would be using wordpress now if it had been more active when I picked my CMS. I’m using nucleus at the moment, but I’m very fond of wordpress and hope to use it in some projects in the near future.

  • I believe you have Vinny Carpenter’s name spelt wrongly :)

  • I believe you have Vinny Carpenter’s name spelt wrongly :)

    Whoops ;) Thanks – now fixed.

  • Yeah I’ve been messing about with WordPress since it moved on from the old b2 architecture and its come on in leaps and bounds. Good call to mention it here.

  • Greg Militello

    WordPress isn’t an option for me. I need PostgreSQL support. Since it is only compatible with MySQL, it does me no good. Serendipity on the other hand is my blog of choice. PostgreSQL support, and most of the features that WordPress supports.

  • James E. Robinson, III

    I, for one, would never consider WP if it used Smarty. The overhead and complications aren’t worth it.

  • garymill

    Thanks for your analysis of WordPress

  • Funnily enough after looking at movabletype the other day and downloading it and realising it was cgi I thought to myself I’m going to want to customize this and I know very little perl so it was a no no. A friend pointed me out to wordpress which was PHP/MySQL and I took a look. I can’t say I was too impressed by all the hardcoded HTML everywhere. It would be nice to have a basic template engine :)

  • Mark J

    Those who know PHP will not have to learn a templating system.

    Those who do not know PHP have to learn either a templating system, or some basic PHP.

    Why not let them learn a little PHP? They’ll be greatful once they want to customize their website beyond what the basic functions can do.

  • zoki

    Despite the fact that there are people out there who don’t like the idea of Smarty or other template engines, I gotta say that template engine is something that is needed for web-apps like weblogs.

    I mean template engines are made in first place so that people won’t have difficulties with setting up their templates. Plus, pages are better organised and it’s much easier for begginers to make nice looking templates for their blogs.

  • Templating Engines??
    Excuse me, I’ve been using WordPress for over 2 months now but never felt that a template engine like Smarty or something else would do it any good. The fact being that when I installed WP, I knew enough PHP to print out a string, that’s all. Yet, there was no trouble at all customising the template. If you mean the design aspects by templates, then its design is totally CSS based, you can change it without even touching PHP.

    However, ig you mean by the elements included in the Blog, then yes, you need to modify the PHP template & its not hard at all, that is to say, if you read the manual.

  • read the manual???

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