WordPress: Taking the Word By Storm

By Melinda Szasz
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WordPress. Hot. Sweet. Rad. However you choose to describe it, there’s no denying WordPress is a force to be reckoned with.

At June 2010, there were 11.4 million blogs hosted on WordPress.com, plus 13.8 million active installations of the WordPress.org software. This translates to at least 14 million people using a WordPress theme today—and this number is growing like crazy!

This is where you come in.

Our new book Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes will show you how to succeed as a theme author, giving you the potential to earn up to $25K a month! That’s quite impressive, eh?

Want in on the action? Click here for your copy.

With an all-star cast of authors including Thematic framework guru, Allan Cole; WordPress wizard, Raena Jackson Armitage; best-selling themes author, Brandon R. Jones; and online marketplace specialist, Jeffrey Way, this book contains all the expertise you need to build WordPress themes that sell.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use design elements effectively to create amazing themes
  • Leverage the power of the Thematic framework
  • Create color variants and custom widgets
  • Apply your existing CSS skills to skin up your themes
  • Promote and sell your themes for maximum profit

Grab your copy here.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • waji

    Excellent Job!! Ordered!!

  • A.K

    “earn up to $25K a month” … wow, why do I have the sudden urge to run in the opposite direction? Never expected that statement to be on this site.

    I’m curious, why would you write that in your article knowing fully well that 95% of your readers won’t hit that target?

    • Jeffrey

      Because figures like that are becoming more and more common these days.

    • Barry

      Have to agree with A.K. Seems a bit sensationalistic and unnecessary.

    • JaredR.

      I was wondering the same thing. I had to do a double take to make sure I was actually at sitepoint and not at one some “get rich quick by buying our book” sites that seem to litter the web.

      • agreed

        Yah that is probably not the best sales spin to come as it reduces credibilty for sitepoint, but hopefully the book is not written by the same person that wrote the promo ad copy. While 25k is certainly possible, it is not likely for many freelancers to earn simply by buying this book. It immediately makes me think of those late night infomercials… I’ll wait and see until there are a few reviews out before I buy.

    • www.priceguide.in

      I agree. It’s like saying start a business because Microsoft is making $XXXXXXXX every month. I have been in the web development business with a focus on theme development and I can tell from experience, most people won’t be able to make that much a month (as a matter of fact, not even close). I understand it’s a marketing hype but it’s misleading and so it should have been avoided. Books, Articles and Guides which make such claims are …. never mind, we already know what they are. SitePoint produces content which is usually extremely high in quality. It doesn’t need to use such marketing hype.

  • Benjamin

    Who came up with the name for the book to be the same as a WordPress Theme Warez site. Now whenever people search for the name of the book, they are going to get the Warez site as the #1 result. Did someone forget to research the book title? Seems like a rookie mistake.

  • waji

    @A.K $25/Month might be used for marketing and to encourage sales; and some people might be earning that much, but I remember this book is written – when they had a survey about new book and most users suggested wordpress;

  • This book looks really interesting. I think I’ll wait until have one of your $5 PDF book sales though. ;)

  • DisappointedInYourMarketing

    I’m glad to see such a title, but your marketing hype is totally lame. Shame on you Sitepoint… I just might not buy this one based on your greedy marketing lies. On the other-hand, I’m not dumb enough to believe it and would like to see sitepoint’s take on this topic. Hmmm…

  • Palani

    “earn up to $25K a month!” – why not you train some people and earn $25k per month from each person?

  • bsmbahamas

    as long as it is factual average and not the max, a little hype is ok, it isn’t like they used hype all through the pitch.

    = )

  • Jayde

    If you close your eyes, you could almost hear the slap chop guy reading this script. I love SitePoint and have many of their books and kits. But I agree with everyone that this was very disappointing and not what I would expect from SitePoint’s marketing team.

    I would guess that they hired someone’s nephew/niece and who had this “awesome idea to get more customers to buy this book!”.

  • Jay73

    I purchased both printed and electronic version and am just in the middle of Chapter 2.

    I purchased this book to know WordPress better and be able to customize its look for websites I work with. I am not too sure about the rest of the book but so far so good. It is up to date and some WordPress concepts are getting clarified. It has definitely been written by people who know WordPress inside-out and put a good work to transfer their knowledge to people like me – who don’t have that much time to go through all the documentation but still want to know how to do it right. I am quite convinced it is going to be good all the way through.

    Marketing-wise maybe you are right, maybe $25k per month sounds too much… However, after knowing SitePoint for a good number of years I know I can trust them and maybe the book will not turn me into someone making $25k per month off designing WordPress templates (but who knows?) but I will know WordPress much better then I know it now.

  • Now I don’t really mind if it’s hype because I’ve got a bookshelf full of great SP titles with only a few lame ones but I am interested in knowing the logic behind $25k/Month. I do a lot of Drupal theming which I imagine is along the same lines but it’s hard work…

    If this book can show me how to make some passive cha-ching, I’m all ears… er…, I mean eyes : )