WordPress CLI Blogger

By Harry Fuecks

CLI PHP5 – WordPress Blogger – if you use WordPress, gives you a tool to add blog entries from the command line. Be warned has some unique requirements;

– PHP5

Total lines of code < 100.

  • Tim

    Might also mention that because of the readline requirement, it will not run on Windows

  • trickie

    I’ll be fixing up some stuff this week. Making it more interactive in one mode… and also silent in another (to allow for use in pipes etc)

  • trickie

    readline…. yeah the silent mode won’t use readline. Better fix that up!!

  • Andrew-J2000

    This works for Windows.

    if(!function_exists('readline')) { //Win32
    define('CMD_STDIN', fopen("php://stdin", "r+"));
    define('CMD_STDOUT', fopen("php://stdout", "r+"));
    function readline ($str=null) {
    if ($str!=null) fwrite(CMD_STDOUT, $str);
    return trim (fgets (CMD_STDIN, 255));

  • trickie

    have updated the tool to use WordPress’s XML-RPC capability. Still uses readline (and now XML-RPC instead of cURL), but check out Andrew’s Windows work around

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