Winning DNA

    Paul Bridgestock

    On the eve of Web Directions South 2011 we are thrilled to announce the top dog in the BuildMobile WDS11 Challenge, wherein those brave enough were challenged to build something small and beautiful using the web standards trifecta of HTML, CSS and Javascript alone.

    Without further ado, please join us in applauding Stephen Hutchings and his submission, “DNA”.

    We’ll be catching up with Stephen during #wds11, to ensure he is enjoying the reward of free Web Directions attendance. We will also be holding some impromptu book signings when we hand over “Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices” and “Developing With Web Standards”.

    We think you’ll agree, this is an outstanding piece of work. If we’re extremely lucky, Stephen will write up a deconstruction of how it all hangs together, for now please view the source. Please leave your questions in the comments.

    If you’re not registered for WDS11 yet, its still not too late. Update: Now it is too late.

    CSS Master, 3rd Edition