Win $5,000 in the Ultimate 80s Movie Poster Contest!

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So you fancy yourself an 80s buff?

You know crane kicks and flux capacitors and Apollo Creed like the back of your hand. You nicknamed your oldest son “Chunk”. You fear rodents of unusual size. You call your home “The Thunderdome”.

Now’s your chance to show off your 80s knowledge and design skills! Now’s your chance to make Marty McFly proud. And now’s your chance to win $5,000 dollars!

We’ve teamed up with GraphicStock and 99 Designs to bring you the Ultimate 80s Movie Poster contest.

First prize is $5,000 in cold, hard, “I don’t have to put up with this! I’m rich!” (see Spaceballs), cash. Second place is $1,000, and the next ten runners up will receive a free year of GraphicStock (valued at $99).

Sound good? Radical.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up for your free GraphicStock account and receive a 14 day access with 25 downloads from their incredible image library (no credit card required!).
  • Create your own ’80s-inspired movie poster, using at least one photo, vector or illustration downloaded from GraphicStock in your final design. You can create an ’80s-style poster for a recent film, or design your own poster for a classic ’80s movie.
  • Sign up for a designer account on 99designs and then you can  submit your finished design to the contest page HERE.

As a special bonus, when signing up at GraphicStock, you’ll also get a free copy of The Designer’s Guide To Web Images, the ebook we’ve produced. It’s a curated collection of articles covering must-know topics including copyright, font choices, image sourcing and more.

The Ultimate ‘80s Movie Poster Contest is open now and closes on Monday 16 November, 11:59pm PST.

Get started now. Life moves fast, and this contest will be over before you know it!