Widget Overload

By sgrosvenor

Whilst i was traversing the web in the search for new and exciting things the other day, i bumped into a rather interesting site called Beam Jive Consulting.

They have a whole bunch of components to create interface applications and controlling applications, however the one that grabbed my eye was the BJC Control Component Set 1. This component set, whilst not free (retails at 70 Euros) offers some excellent widgets for controlling information within your interfaces, and saves hours of development time for rapid application development.

The BJC Control Component Set 1 contains the following components

BJC CCS1 Demo, BJC Analog Meter, BJC Digital Meter, BJC Poll Meter, BJC Button, BJC Switch, BJC Led, BJC Joystick, BJC Slider, BJC Wheel

Heres a Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator that i created in about an hour (with all the math) using the BJC Analog Meter component.

Definitely an interesting component suite and one that’s an instant time saver if you frequently use widgets in your applications for controlling feedback.

Click Below for and Example ROI Calculator using the BJC Analog Meter


Details of the BJC Control Component Set 1 can be found below


  • Brett Epps

    Your example breaks horribly on “better” browsers like Mozilla Firefox 0.8.

  • sgrosvenor

    I downloaded Firefox 0.8 and tested (for example) Sitepoint.com and Phireworx.com, and where there was an embedded SWF instance, the first time i was prompted to download and install the player which i did.

    After the player was installed, everything worked fine and dandy, including the example shown above.

    After you installed Firefox, did you switch off the auto-promping for plugin downloads? Just wondering, because everything works fine here and for a few colleagues with the same version of the browser installed?

    I can’t recreate the ‘breaks horribly’ scenario, so if you could tell me exactly what happened and the steps to recreate, i’ll see if i can recreate the problem.

    As always with pre GMC software such as Firefox 0.8, there may be a few bugs present, but it works great for me!!

  • Yep, works fine for me in Firefox 0.8. Nifty set of components

  • Jim Rolt

    Predictably, the example is as dead as a hammer in IE5 on Mac (even with latest Flash plugin installed)

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