Why you should stop coding and designing right now

Andrew Neitlich

Many Sitepoint readers ask how they can build a firm that is worth something, that has employees, that lasts longer than their participation in it — in short, a firm that they can sell.

Here is how to do it:

Stop coding. Stop designing. Stop being an employee and start being a firm builder.

That’s it. Imaging what happens next:

– You have to find low-cost, high-quality resources to serve clients. You become an expert on finding great talent.

– You have to develop a consistent methodology to get results for clients (e.g., clone yourself and what you used to do).

– You spend your time marketing the firm and putting in place processes and systems so that the company runs without you.

– You insert yourself when needed to provide expert guidance, set standards, and build the culture of your business.

Get clients, get talent, and support talent so that they delight clients: That becomes your new job.

It’s not easy, first of all because you may need some financial reserves while you build your firm. When you are not working in the business, you give up revenues. Also, you need to be smart in how you grow — doing it step-by-step instead of investing foolishly in full-time help before you need it.

So, fire yourself today. Go on strike as a coder, developer and/or designer. Start your new job as a firm builder.